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  1. Audio, CB/GMRS/Ham Radios, GPS, & Electrical
    Hi Everyone, We've had aftermarket power windows installed by the dealer when bought our 2012 JK Sport back in the day. I need help identifying the brand of these switches. Dealer said Jeep was send to a local shop that doesn't exist anymore so that was helpful... Passenger side switch died...
  2. Audio, CB/GMRS/Ham Radios, GPS, & Electrical
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee. Window got stuck down and did the usual window motor regulator change. Also checked to make sure it was not the switch itself, and a new switch did not make any difference. So changed out the motor, switch brought the the plastic window holder down....and will not...
  3. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    2000 Cherokee front driver's side window stopped functioning with no clear precipitants. For a month or so the window operated sporadically, going days working like normal and then stop working for an afternoon or so. For the past month and a half the window has stopped working completely. I...
  4. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    i have a 98 grand cherokee laredo my power windows stopped workin. i haveread several threads and have tried everything????? dazed and confused... all fuses are good except abs is not hot. i have no pwer in the plug that goes into switch have chased wires back through the boot to inside the...
  5. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    The radio quit out. the interior lights quit out. the windows all work but only from the drivers switches. the locks quit out. i need help!!!
  6. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hi everyone, I just received a Electric Life JE-13 power window kit in the mail. On the A1 Electric website it say this fits a 2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler without drilling, but I can't see how the switches would fit my doors? Mine is a 2010 Wrangler Sport. Has anyone had experience installing...
  7. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a friend who would like to know if the power window switches are supposed to illuminate. I tried to search but I had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
1-7 of 7 Results