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  1. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Has anyone cut their Y pipe on a 5.7 in half? (The assembly with two cats on it) I thought I heard somewhere that is is a three layer nightmare to cut cleanly. Info will be used for purely hypothetical reasons.. Any experience or pics greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance..
  2. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I was told my 1999 needs a new exhaust flex pipe. Does anyone know 1) Where to purchase? 2) What length I need to purchase? 2) Can it be a home repair if I have a variety of welders / pipe cutters?
  3. KJ Liberty Forum
    My mechanic says I have a leak around injector1 or its hose connection, he wants to replace hose first (as cheaper) to see if this stops the problem. He cannot get hold of a single hose, he says can only get packs of 4 for around €250 for the set! Anyone know if/where a single hose can be...
  4. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    What would happen if I disconnected the exhaust pipe from the engine, or farther away from the engine? Would it kill my engine? Edit: Allright so, I won't disconnect it from the block, but what can I do to make the xj louder/sound good.
  5. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    im looking at fabbing up a stinger for my yj, i live on the eastern shore of md and dont really encounter any boulders, i just want to look mean when i pull up behind a honda, i have been looking at using the HREW "pipe" from home depot it seems pretty structural but it isnt dom tubing, do you...
  6. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I need to replace the brake pipe that runs along the underside of the zj to supply the rear brakes as it has a leak. The existing pipe is steel and has a coiled winding around it. I'm in the UK and can not find this part locally. My Haynes manual says not to use copper pipe. Anyone know the...
  7. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Hi Guys, Please be patient with me, I dont know the engine part names but I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee 3.0 crd diesel and it has a very slow oil leak on both ends of a rubber pipe that comes out of the metal pipe that connects to the supercharger. This pipe connect to the supercharger on one...
  8. Fabrication Shop
    So im gonna make a Hardtop Lift, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier, rock guard side steps, maybe a few other items. ;) my question is this....:confused: what kind of welder should i get, not the brand, but more of the specs. ive already found a decent pipe bender. and what kind of steel...
  9. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    does anyone know the factory size exhuast pipes on a tj.i need to put a muffler on my tj and im looking to order a muffler from summit but i dont know what size pipe it is and im deployed at the time being so i cant measure the pipe.i checked the tj spec page and couldnt find anything.i like the...
  10. Jeep CJ Forum
    Well I got it back from the exhaust shop this afternoon and, aside from the bill, I'm pretty pleased. To recap, it's a Hedman single header into a 2.5 inch pipe that's 20 inches long; giving the collector a total length of 24 inches. Then into a resonator and out from there at 3 inches into a 3...
1-10 of 10 Results