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  1. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    So I have one question. I have an 05Wk 4.7 with QTII. When I go off-roading, I put the vehicle in 4Low via chrome T-handle. Now heres the question, when in 4low do i turn the traction control off or leave it on?
  2. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    So. . . . Dumb question. Is there any way to help avoid the stress on the clutch while off roading? I ride it quite a bit when I crawl, even in four low. Any tips to keep my **** from getting worn out faster than it already will?
  3. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
    I found this video that absolutely blew me away. This Jeep Cherokee drives over a boulder that would be difficult for a human to climb over much less a road going automobile. Here is the video: Tell me that...
  4. Wrangler General Discussion
    This video is awesome!! Some Afghans got a hold of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and they are taking it on some really serious off road trails. The Rubicon definitely represents the US in style! Here is the video that I found...
  5. Jeep MK Compass & Patriot Forum
    Took my Pat for some fun in the mud today. It didn't even flinch through any of it. Deep water, insane mud and TIGHT turns with insanely close edges! I did everything my dad's TJ did (even the stuff he didn't want to do) It's an FD1 with skid plates and the RR lift kit. I had a blast!!!! Oh...
  6. Taking a break.

    Took a break while driving through a buddy's cow pasture. I took the picture, sorry for cell phone quality.
  7. Mud

    Went through some trails out here in Georgia and I found a small mud puddle during the trip. I floored it.
  8. Creek.

    Decided to blaze through my friend's creek. He seemed excited.
  9. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Jeep Comander Collection = "Featured" = US HM Crown Carroll Public Trust Case The Off Road Jeep Carroll Trust Collections are featured as one of the jewels in the crown in Britain's biggest ever ongoing organised crime fraud heist operation in modern economic history. The Carroll...
  10. Outdoor Recreation
    The gf and I are taking some east coast road trips and want to find a few places where offroading and maybe camping on the beach is legal. I know of a few places: Outerbanks, NC; Island Beach State Park NJ, etc but I'm wondering if there are more places out there on the East coast...
  11. Jeep MK Compass & Patriot Forum
    start taking my camera with me when I hit the trails! I took my FWD compass out today and was utterly shocked at the things I was going through! No mods, just some beefy snow tires. I must say, today made me proud to own a compass. Now if I could only remedy that ground clearance issue :rofl...
  12. Jeep Buying Forum
    Hey All, My only experience with a Cherokee was the '93 I had about 7 yrs ago which I only had the pleasure of owning for just under a year. I've been doing as much research as possible but I am starting from scratch as far as my knowledge goes on the subject. I have very conflicting needs...
  13. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    i was wondering if there was anyplace that i could mount some i.e (KC) off road lights on my stock bumper. if there happens to be any place i could anchor it to, would i need brackets or a mounting kit? i am very new to jeeps, but not clueless. :2thumbsup: thanks.
  14. General Discussion
    Finally I have a Off Road Park to go to next weekend for Spring Break :2thumbsup::2thumbsup: And it is only about 40 miles from me. Now I just need some people to wheel with. If you are looking for some thing to do on the 20th and 21st or the 27th and 28th come wheel with me next weekend
  15. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Checkout Marc Burnett class 6 Ford Truck on this video YouTube - Team General Tire's Class 6 Off Road Racer Marc Burnett
61-77 of 85 Results