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  1. wj09062022.gif

    Carnegie SVRA 4x4 Area
  2. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Hello, I’m wondering what the recommended off-roading psi would be for a non bead-locked wheel for a Limited WK2. My cold tire pressure rating is 33/36 front-back. I’m going over grave/light mud/rocks with gravel being the most driven on terrain. My wheel is the 265/r20 so the wheel is a bit...
  3. Jeep Grand Cherokee & Commander Forums
    Hey everyone, Wanted to reach out here and ask a quick question on tire sizing for my 2019 Grand Cherokee Summit: Currently, I have 265/50/R20 Falken WildPeak AT Trails. They're the exact size as the original Pirelli A/S Verde's that were on it when I bought it. However, I'd like to know what...
  4. KJ Liberty Forum
    I am completely new to jeeps and have only ever owned cars so my knowledge of jeeps and the off-road aftermarket is very limited. I recently got an 02 liberty 5 speed 3.7 and I really like it and it's more capable than I expected. But my one complaint is the suspension is horrid, it sits super...
  5. Bumpers
    Has anyone here actually gotten bumpers from jeepsteel my husband wants to get front and rear bumpers and went to order them but it was flagged and won't let us order I want reassurance that if I go through the process of actually being able to order them with our bank that I will actually...
  6. Vehicles For Sale
    This is my 2007 JKU, I’ve had her for almost 4 years and have done several upgrades for suspension, lights, and stereo system.
    $14,000 USD
  7. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    I drive a WJ and its great in the snow, mud, gravel, what have you. I've never put myself in a position where I might get stuck but I want to start taking more difficult trails where I might need recovery. What is a good kit to start out with that won't break the bank? Btw I plan on wheeling...
  8. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Hey all! I've got a YouTube channel, and I'm getting ready to do a beginners guide for going off road. Since this is clearly the place where all off road professionals go, I'd like your advice! What are some things that you think I should include in the video? Tips/Tricks you've learned, things...
  9. Tennessee Jeep Forum
    Hey y'all I'm looking for some hidden trails if anyone knows any around southern middle Tennessee, I've ridden a little of the dirt devil and I'm making a trip to wheelin in the country and I was wondering if anyone knows of any fields, mud holes, or anything to go slangin mud? Thanks
  10. 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ V8 Conversion

    1999 TJ Wrangler TJ Wrangler
  11. Wrangler General Discussion
    Looks like 1/3 of the votes were from Wranglers (according to the chart at the top). I'm wondering how votes were collected, and from what source. I don't get the Texas results at all.... Anyone know?
  12. Wrangler General Discussion
    Advice for a new owner! Hi all, I just picked up a 2007 Wrangler X (soft top, manual) this weekend. As you can see from my profile page, I know NOTHING of Jeeps other than some Upstate NY off-roading decades ago. My technical know-how is also near zero, but man I love driving sticks. I live...
  13. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hi everyone, Im new on this forums after finally purchasing a ZJ:2thumbsup:! I bought a 97 5.2 V8 that is as stock as it gets. It got the fulltime 4x4 transfercase (think that was standard option here in Norway) and the Dana44HD (aluminium) rear axle with LSD (tow package). My initial purpose...
  14. Tires & Wheels
    i'm looking into new tires and am trying to decide between the three. from anyone's experience. are they're any pro and cons to one vs the other, differences in road noise or tread wear. i've hear cooper makes all 3. if so then are they all basically the same just slightly different tread? if...
  15. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I woke up this morning to start my car and when i turned the key it would start up but there was a loud screeching noise. When i went to see where it was coming from i noticed the alternator was seized up and determined that was the problem. I ran to the local auto parts store and picked up a...
  16. Wrangler General Discussion
    Howdy, I'm pretty new to off-roading and am looking for an easy trail to kick start my off-road expirence! Any suggestions? I'm currently living in the San Diego area. My jeep is stock for the most part (hence the easy trail). Thanks in advance.
  17. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Hey all, I am wanting to get some 33" tires for my TJ and I know it's not as simple as that. What I'm asking is what exactly do I need to do to get on the right track to putting some new shoes on my Jeep i.e. Lift kit, Suspensions, Spacers, Steering gear box, anything that stock Jeeps don't...
1-17 of 85 Results