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  1. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    My ongoing project has given me yet another issue (I live in Chicagoland- we get a lot of cancer here). '04 Grand Cherokee, 4.0L, in the middle of attempting an NP247 to an NP242J. Today I tried to remove my transfer case for 6+ hours. I had two other people with me and this thing has not...
  2. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I have a beautiful '04 WJ that really needs some TLC. Mary Jane has been driving on a busted NP247 for about 12 months now. The linkage is broken/stuck too so I can't even switch it to Neutral :( I'm looking into having it swapped to a NP242 and I've done a good 6 or 7 hours of research on the...
  3. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    My TC is making some sort of bearing type noise in my 2000 XJ, auto, NP242. I found a NP242 from a mid 90's cherokee on craigslist. Is this compatible? I guess what matters is the rear spline count? Also, what is a reasonable price for a used NP242?
1-3 of 3 Results