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  1. Tires & Wheels
    I need new tires. Right now, I'm running 33x12.5r15 General Grabber AT2s that were on the Jeep when I bought it. They are worn and dry rotting. This is not my DD and I'm looking for something different, fun, and capable. I'm looking primarily at mud tires. I'm interested in the Nexen...
  2. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    I just picked up some rubi take offs and it came with 255/75/17 will the bfg m/ts fit on my 05' limited WK without a lift or anything done to it? If not, what size suspension lift would I need?
  3. Tires & Wheels
    I just ordered my treadwright 31/10.5/15 guard dogs and i found a lot a threads on how they are good but not very many detailed ones. in this i will post my full review on the company and the tires and how they preform in the mud and the pavement on the upcoming months. im going to start with...
  4. Tires & Wheels
    Im looking to get some new mud tires soon and need some help deciding between options. I have had mud kings and loved them, they did everything i wanted them to! The 3 tires im stuck between are the mud kings, gt radial adventuro MT, and federal couragia MT. So far all the reviews iv read for...
  5. Tires & Wheels
    Im gettin new tires and found 5 KM2s for 650 or 4 MTR ks for 650. which is better!! i live in illinois so theres alot of rain, snow, mud, gravel and i also do some off roading. 85-90% on road. So which should i get! im gonna get 235-70-17 to 255-75-17
  6. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
    hey guys, im new the the forum. I need some help, I am looking for some 35x12.50x15s for my 93 xj. I have thorn birds now and wouldnt mind having them again, but brand doesnt matter. Anyone know where to find some really cheap????? please help
  7. Tires & Wheels
    Hey guys, i got these tires recommended to me, but I have never heard of them. Does anyone know about these tires or have them and can tell me some things? They're a great price.. that's why im concerned. Here's the website:
  8. Tires & Wheels
    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone was running the Kumho Venture M/T KL71's and if you would recommend them or not, I everyday drive my Jeep about 30 miles to and from work and wheel almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. Give me your feedback. Thanks guys
  9. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Just bought some hard doors, going from half doors with soft uppers, the hard doors i bought already have weather stripping on them, do i need anything like different door surrounds or anything?
  10. Tires & Wheels
    I am wondering what the deal with this tire is. all the reviews ive read online say its the best tire theyve ever had and its one of the most well-rounded tires out there. But a 30x9.5 is only $140? Im curious if anybody on here is running them, if so tell me what you think.
  11. Tires & Wheels
    anybody usin these tires? they look pretty aggressive and are a lot cheaper:thumbsup: then other brands. Ill mostly be on pavement, mud, and sand so if you are runnin these on these terrains let me know what you think. Thanks
  12. Tires & Wheels
    These are a few popular brands of Mud Tires. Most of the info was taken from Tirerack, so if anyone can prove them wrong, prove it to me and I'll make the change. Thanks :wave:
1-12 of 12 Results