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  1. Jeep Liberty Forums
    I have a 2008 Liberty, which has plenty of issues. One of them is that my gearshift lever box apparently is missing the bypass which would allow to shift to neutral when the battery is disconnected. The one which is supposedly for "sticking a screwdriver in when the battery is dead and you...
  2. Jeep Liberty Forums
    TL;DR, I bought an 08 Liberty KK from the dealership about 6 months ago. The original owner had a remote start system tied into it, and when he sold it, decided to just snip the wires and remove it unprofessionally. For the first few months, everything was fine, but then progressively over...
  3. KK Liberty Forum
    Hello, please please any help is greatly appreciated because I’m at a loss of what to do. I apologize for the lengthy post I tried to condense it but felt that everything was important to note. So please bear with me and I appreciate those of you who make it to the end! : I have a 2009 jeep...
1-4 of 4 Results