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  1. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I am original owner of 1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ 4.0 with 213k mi. and was experiencing the low torque for past several years, recently engine began running very rough when I was climbed a hill pulling a small trailer. I found that I have zero compression in cylinder 1 and only about 115...
  2. New Members/Introductions
    Hello and happy new year everyone. I've been a Jeep owner for a bit and usually hang with local Jeepers but thought I would join here for additional resources and provide expertise when I can. Greetings from Vegas.
  3. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    So I just moved to Las Vegas from Utah and one week into it my a/c goes out on my 2001 cherokee. It was blowing cold one day and the next it was hot. The components in the engine bay check out ok I think. The clutch on the compressor is engaging like it should. I checked some vacuum lines and...
  4. Nevada Jeep Forum
    Hey all, I belong to a Jeep club here in LV, and do a fair amount of wheeling. I’ve developed an interest hunting these past few years, mostly self-taught since my old man was never really into it. I get out when I can, mostly solo because I don’t know anyone else who likes to. Since journeying...
  5. 1.1.2010

    Climbing out of the large rock in the middle of the trail and one of the twisty washes
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  6. Potato Ridge 12.26.2009

    Snowy/Icy Potato Ridge coming out of the wash at the upper Rock Garden
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1-6 of 6 Results