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  1. Jeep CJ Forum
    I have been looking for a cj to buy the last few months and need assistance deciding between two being sold near me. Usage for the jeep will be low, weekend driver probably minimal highway use. I will be offroading occasionally, maybe 15 times a year, nothing too crazy abuse wise. I wheel at...
  2. Jeeps For Sale
    Have owned this vehicle for almost 10 years. Graduated college in 2019. Intended to rebuild and use it as a toy. Unfortunately, my finances and free time did not allow for it. Engine still runs and vehicle still drives (if you want videos please message me!). All four-wheel drive options...
    $6,000 USD
  3. Jeep CJ Forum
    I am rebuilding (fixing) my wife's 1980 CJ-5. She want's to put an fuel injected I6 in it with, I believe, a 5 gear trans. I am trying to find the best fuel injected I6 for it but I am not sure what would be best for a CJ-5. Any knowledge is helpful. And no I am not allowed to put a 8 in it.
  4. CJ5 Engine before/after

    Before and after photos of the CJ5 restoration
  5. Engines & Drivetrain
    Okay, so I've got a 97 ZJ with an i6 4.0, and a 42RE transmission that is stalling when stopped (or very slowly moving) in drive. I had some transmission slippage issues that I thought were related, but I played around with the kickdown cable, and most of the slippage problems fixed themselves...
  6. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
  7. Dolphin

    1988 YJ Wrangler YJ Wrangler
  8. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hello! I am in need of a new 4.0L block for my 94 YJ. I have found a few 98+ Wrangler/Cherokee used blocks that i can get cheap. My question is, Can I put all motor components onto a newer block with out problems. or what year did the 4.0 change to which it would not match up with YJ components?
  9. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I've come across a sweet 97ish TJ 4.0 w/ only 56k on the clock... friends shop has it laying around and said i can have it for 300 bucks if i can use it... Ive got a 91 YJ w/ 4.0. Will a 4.0 dizzyless (coil-on-pack) engine accept all of my "prehistoric" ignition and manifolds? :newbie:
  10. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Here was my problem. My jeep would occasionally cut out while driving. At times it would not start for about ten minutes. So looking things up I figured I would replace my IAC, TPS, and MAP sensors. Turns out my IAC just needed to be cleaned. so there it goes. This is your Throttle body. First...
  11. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    So, I left for school got about a mile away and lost acceleration, push the gas pedel and absolutely nothing happens, still had power steering but only for a few seconds before the Jeep just died. When I tried to start it back up it was turning over and sounded like it was going to start up...
  12. Engines & Drivetrain
    I recently found that my yj has a leak/crack in the gas tank. It is also sputtering like it wants to go but just not enough juice. I dont know if those 2 things could be related? I also noticed when i took the gas cap off it sound like a wind tunnel of sucksion? I also here a popping sound...
  13. Engines & Drivetrain
    going crazy with this problem - its been in the high 90's for at least 6 weeks here in southeastern PA - temp gauge steadily creeps-up very close to the red zone while in traffic, A/C runs ok but lows hot air as temp gauge rises above 210, generally gauge is steady at about 210 while moving, oil...
  14. Engines & Drivetrain
    wanting info on how to change spark plugs on a 99 grand cherokee 4.0l. any pictorials out there? thanks in advance to all who response.
  15. Engines & Drivetrain
    I have a '99 with the 4.0. I have no idea what im looking at when looking at cams and pistons. Its not as easy as quads lol. Can anyone tell me what gains I would get, if they would give a nice lopey sound, and if they even work for my engine. I hate to ask so much but I have no idea what I...
  16. Engines & Drivetrain
    I have a basically stock '99 with the 4.0 and Im wondering if it would be worth a cam upgrade when I have my top end redone. Thinking of having my valves redone and been thinking of redoing the cam, rockers, rollers, and lifters and anything else needed with a cam install. Not really sure what...
  17. Engines & Drivetrain
    i am getting ready to buy a jeep somewhere between 93 & 98 model. I will either buy with lift on it or do myself (prob 3") and add some 33" tires. Would like some thoughts on which engine will perform better. I will not be taking it off road. Will just be using as a weekend driver to the beach...
  18. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    i want to turbo in my sahara.i love the power i love the sound turboing a jeep makes it the worlds best vehicle go any where and make honda owners sh!# thier pants when they loose to a lifted brick. but to start off i only want to push 7 to 10 lbs of boost. im just woundering if it can handle...
  19. Engines & Drivetrain
    I read through some of the older posts and there appear to be conflicting opinions on what engine is best. I have the opportunity to get a '90 with a 4.2L, the whole Jeep actually. the '90 has a ton of body and frame rot. Easiest would be a tub swap but don't think that will be possible...
1-19 of 26 Results