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  1. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport Condition: Driver’s door sagging. Top of rear edge down about 1 inch. Action: 1. Bought and installed Dorman 38439 Jeep Cherokee Door Hinge Repair Kit on top hinge - Result: Door stilled sagged. This kit’s two bushings fit inside the two car side holes in...
  2. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    For those of you that have replaced the bushings on your door hinges, what kind of fit have you observed on the replacement bushings of various types (plastic, metal, etc.) and from different suppliers? What did you purchase and who from? Were they too loose, too tight?
  3. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Okay, I am looking to replace the door lock actuator. So, can anyone provide a diagram for where the blinking thing is? I took the door panel off, but I don't know where it is! I know this sounds stupid but I really am confused about this thing. Also, how to lube the door lock to avoid...
1-3 of 195 Results