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  1. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    So I've heard many times about the awful ground issues with the old XJs and mine is certainly a victim. It is causing all kinds of problems. Some previous owner must have messed with it a little, cause the battery cable is grounded to the same spot as all the other grounds, at the base of the...
  2. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I'm pretty overwhelmed at the amount of stuff I've done to get this car to start, and looked over the formns here for the past few months, so I've decided to join and once I get this thing started post up some tutorial on how to do basic car fixes with my specific model of Jeep Cherokee. So I...
  3. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Posting for a buddy, way too busy with running a new business and family. 04 TJ, 4.0L Battery in the Jeep died in the winter (left something on) and he replaced the battery with a new one. But didn't tighten the brackets enough and the battery slid. The positive post/cable hit the body of...
1-3 of 3 Results