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  1. Jeep Picture Requests
    Hey guys and gals, So I'm looking at getting Genright tube fenders and inner fender kits for my TJ, but I read, that you need to run an aftermarket intake and move some stuff around for it to all fit. Can anyone who is running there inner fenders post pics of their engine bay so I can get a...
  2. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I am looking for something like the Bushwacker flat fender flares but do not want to pay 500 plus dollars for them. Anyone know of any "off brand" flat fender flares that are good?
  3. Jeep Picture Requests
    I just installed the Bushwacker Flat Fender Flares on my 2010 JKUR, and I am looking for pics of what bumpers you are running with them. The stock rear sticks too far into the wheel wells, and the stock front just looks plain wrong. Also what did you do with the pinch seams?
  4. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    hi everyone, i want to purchase a set of the flat fender flares xenon or bushwacker haven't made up my mind yet, but they only make 6" flares for yj's. problem is i am running a 2.5" lift with 31x10.5 tires and i think the 6" flares would cover over the tires too much. i do see though that both...
  5. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    So, I got tired of a million threads on which hi-line should I get etc... Such as (other pertinent threads go here)-- Undecided on Tube Fenders- Opinions Wanted Low Cog 35" or more less than 3" total lift Also, since after I finish my...
  6. Fabrication Shop
    Hi guys, I got way too much time off for the holidays so I decided to make some flat fenders for myself until MCE flatties come back in stock. Sorry for the huge pics, its my first time posting up like this. I have my JK turn signals on the way I'll be posting more pics when I'm done with...
  7. Jeep CJ Forum
    Fenders were completely shot so I replaced them this weekend with TnT Custom Flat Fenders. Will have a more detailed write-up with much better images but overall really happy with their look and easy install. I did have to grind down the driver fender to compensate for linkage. It just couldn't...
  8. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    What is the best full roll cage kit available on the market other than Poison and Genright? How do bolt on kits compare? What is the best mount? Floorboard, Through the dash, or on the side of the dash? Has anyone made their own tube fenders? How hard are they to make vs. buying them? Thank...
  9. Looking up

    right after the bushwacker install
1-9 of 10 Results