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  1. Jeep CJ Forum
    My 1984 CJ7s driver side door will open from the inside latch but not the outside. I’ve taken the door panel off and I can see that opening from the inside activates the rods more but I don’t understand why the outside latch won’t. If pictures are needed I can upload some. Thanks!
  2. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hello everyone, a little preface on to my problem that I've had since day one. I have a 2013 JKUR10A and when I would remove my hard top and there was no longer anything pressing against the top of the driver side rear door, every time I went over a bump it would rattle and drive me CRAZY. I...
  3. Fabrication Shop
    Had a few folks ask about sharing CAD Files here on the forum. I asked Philip about it and he made it happen!! So.. we can now attach the following File Types to a Post and they should be able to be downloaded by fellow members. The Following Files can be Uploaded: .pdf .dxf .dwg .ipt...
  4. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a 93 wrangler yj and i have recently put my doors back togeather how i have been facing some problems with the lock in the door one problem i am having is that the release bar is not releasing the two latches and i cant open the door. Another problem i am having is every time i pull on...
  5. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I opened the door now it just won't latch. It looks like it is in the right position, but acts just like it would if you were pulling on the inside handle and trying to shut the door. What do ya think is it a rod stuck, or is the problem inside the latch ???
  6. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    i have a 93 grand cherokee laredo. my rear drivers side door will not open. i've even tried pulling the inside door panel off and pulling the lock and the cable to open it and neither works. anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it??
  7. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    You read it right, I have somehow managed to get the latch stuck closed, and the door is open. It's not locked and I've tried to pull on it with a bar as I pull the latch, no luck. Any other ideas out there?? Thanks, DK
  8. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Ok I am quite sure it's been posted a million times, I have read a million post and now I am more confused than ever! :confused: I have a 95 wrangler with steel half doors, bought a factory hardtop to use, I just purchased some full steel doors for it. I put them on and they don't align with my...
  9. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I bought a 93 YJ from a dealer during the summer and he threw in a hard top and full doors to go with the soft top and half doors that were on it, I swapped the soft top for the hard top and fulls for the winter and now I can't open the drivers side door (I've trying taking the panel off the...
  10. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hi all, sorry if this has been covered but can't find it on various searches. Question is: has anyone cracked the rebuild of the door locks ie used substitute actuator motors in the oem door locks? There's a lot of coverage on adding aftermarket actuators for WJ's but nothing conclusive on...
  11. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have searched for a similar problem but did not find what I am experiencing. I have only had my Jeep a few weeks, and when i bought it the doors opened, closed, and locked just fine. Now, the passenger door is having issues closing. Sometimes, it will latch just fine, but most of the time...
  12. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Went to shut my door today and it just bounced back at me... looked at it and saw that the whole latch assembly on the door itself is cracked and torn from the sheet metal! Is this common?? How the heck did I do that? Guess I'll jump on Craigslist and try to find one. This one was rusty...
  13. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    So yeah the last few days the interior lights have been flickering on and off inside my truck... I assumed it was the door ajar sensor, but when i took a closer look, I saw this... This was taken in the Driver's Side door Jam... The interior lights now stay on constantly while driving...
1-13 of 13 Results