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  1. Misc. Jeep Parts
    Hey Everyone! I have an ETSY shop and I created some flag decals for Jeeps (Or trucks/cars too!). I have multiple colors of vinyl to choose from including 21 gloss colors, 8 matte colors, and 4 glitter colors. The primary color is what you see in red in the listing. If you're interested, here...
    $5 USD
  2. Jeep CJ Forum
    Greetings. I am in the beginning state of a 84 CJ7 restoration. In the process of trying to keep as much stock as I can, I have found it painfully difficult to track down any of the information stickers/decals that came from the factory that are placed all over the interior. Emissions control...
  3. Full Size Jeep Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for the window seals (channels?) for the 84 GW. I need driver and passenger channels plus the rear door. The tailgate looks fine. I'm not sure if I'm using the right term and am having difficulty finding online. These are the channels for between the door panels and...
  4. Jeep Picture Requests
    Hey fellow Jeepers! If you like cool mudding pics then check out my Instagram page @muddymilitia. I post mostly Jeeps... I will be selling decals soon.
  5. Jeep Picture Requests
    Lets see some of your windshield decals
  6. Wrangler General Discussion
    Here's the Jeep! Let me know some name ideas you can think of! Post pis of your Jeeps and share its name also!:highfive:
  7. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    im a new sign maker nowaday, if anybody would like a sticker for the vehicle (sides or windows) pm me and ill see what i can do with shipping and stuff. but one thing if anybody on this forum can help me, with this font
  8. General Discussion
    I'm looking for someone to cut some custom decals for my local club forum without charging me an arm and leg. I was quoted $60 for 4 stickers that at its tallest was 4" and only 12" wide. I used to work at a tint shop and had access to a plotter, wish I still did! I have an...
  9. MJ Comanche Technical Forum
    Hey guys i just found a comanche in good shape but the guy has the whole thing in primer. I would need to have it painted myself if i bought it and im just wondering if there would be some way to get the jeep decals onto it once i painted it? Ive seen a jeep before that was repainted and all the...
  10. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Anyone take off the X or Wrangler stickers on the side of their Jeep? Just wanted to get a feel on how many people do it and your thinking towards it.
  11. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    :ranton: OK…everytime I wash my JK I get more and more aggravated at the quality of the decals on the side of the fender. Over the past 40 years Jeep did beautiful things with the decals until the JK… The decals of the past were basically a transfer that gave the appearance that the...
  12. Jeep Picture Requests
    I'm curious to see what stickers are on your guys jeeps, I've got a couple so far Ill take some pics of in the next few days:2thumbsup::cheers:
1-12 of 14 Results