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  1. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Greetings; I'm using "CLR" in attempt to improve heater core flow. I hooked up a funnel to 5/8" hose to core, flushed w/water, filled core w/"CLR" & adding a few fresh ounces every couple hours. (the 3/4" extra hose dumps to a jug.) At this minimal flow, I suppose flow direction is moot. It's...
  2. KJ Liberty Forum
    Does anyone know where there is detailed info on how to change the heater core in the 2004 Jeep Liberty sport? Fogged windows, damp, steam on windshield. Antifreeze, sweet, maple syrup-like smell. No leaking on floor yet. Need some help and good detailed directions to install a new heart...
  3. General Discussion
    I've given away used benchmarked CPUs for almost two decades... Last year I decided to give away cash instead... The turnout was tremendously more popular; So I'm going to continue that route as long as I can afford it. This year the prize is going to be: $125! To enter, just fill out the form...
  4. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ 6 Cyl Sport: - 141,000 Miles - Fairly New Water Pump & Radiator (about 10,000 miles) My heater stopped working a year ago or so, and I never have gotten around to fixing it. I looked at a few forums that are on here about Flushing the Heater Core. Here is what I...
  5. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Ok I'm sure I just missed something stupid here but I thought I would check to see if anyone else ever ran into this: My xj takes forever and a day to make heat. pretty much have to wait till it's fully warmed up to get lukewarm air. never gets HOT. just warm. I already backflushed the heater...
  6. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Hello everyone, I have been having a case of the luke warm heat in a 99 Cherokee Sport 4.0 liter, (edited - thank you tjwalker for the heads up!)so I read through the threads and over the weekend I flushed the heater core, replaced the thermostat, temp sensor and refilled with coolant. I was...
  7. Fabrication Shop
    i'm using a hobart 140 and it worked great with the spool of .030 flux core wire that it came with. Today I replaced the spool with some .035 flux core wire and it welded fine for a little bit but now I can't keep a steady arc going. It just sputters the whole way. The metal is clean and it...
  8. Fabrication Shop
    this is on 3/16 with a HH 140 running .35 flux.
  9. Poser shot with a buddy

    CORE Park in Deer Trail
  10. Flex from the Front

    CORE Park at Deer Trail
  11. Stuffing the Rear

    CORE park in Deer Trail
1-11 of 11 Results