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  1. New Members/Introductions
    Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick introduction since I'm new here. I'm in the process of purchasing a 67' CJ6 from a work friend. He's shown me some pictures, and a video of him driving it last summer before its brakes went. Frame and body look like they're in pretty good condition, a lot...
  2. International CJs & Variants
    Hi friends, Hoping an aficionado can help me with the history of how CJ jeeps got to Thailand. I have a 1968 CJ-6. It is a right-hand drive. Seems like it started out life that way. I bought it in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Says Kaiser on the plate under the hood. I thought maybe it...
  3. jeep

    My 1975 CJ5
1-3 of 3 Results