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  1. Jeep CJ Forum
    Looking to do a slammed postal truck for events and use it for ice cream sales have a rolling shell just looking for engine tranny ideas axels and suspension.
  2. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey y’all, I’m new to this forum and I understand forum rules about looking to see if a topic has been discussed before prior to posting a question that has been answered 100 times on this website. But I have something kind of unique. Bought this Jeep from my brother in law. He claims it is a...
  3. Jeep CJ Forum
    I have a 72 CJ5 with a 74 AMC 232 in it. Ford motorcraft 2100 carburetor. Mechanical fuel pump. Mechanical fuel pump developed a leak that seems to be coming from the seam between the top and bottom of the pump. Picked up a new one at AutoZone and installed it. Jeep fired right up, but...
  4. Jeep CJ Forum
    Attached is a picture of the build plate. Who can tell me what was original to this beauty?
  5. Jeep CJ Forum
    Thanks for the join. We have 3 Jeeps presently. My son has a1952 M38A1 He also has a 1976 CJ5 232 I6 I just acquired a 1978 CJ5 Renegade. Someone tried to take all the stripes off, but left the ones on the rear. It appears to have a 401 in it. I have to check the block and see if it's true. The...
  6. Jeep CJ Forum
    I just recently purchased a non-running 78 CJ5 missing a lot of stuff like the tailgate, doors, top, seats. A lot of floor rust and body damage, 258 with what seems to be a 3-speed, and six inches of silt inside from flooding in hurricane Irene. Windshield frame and dash are good… Original plan...
  7. Jeep CJ Forum
    I have been looking for a cj to buy the last few months and need assistance deciding between two being sold near me. Usage for the jeep will be low, weekend driver probably minimal highway use. I will be offroading occasionally, maybe 15 times a year, nothing too crazy abuse wise. I wheel at...
  8. Jeep CJ Forum
    Looking for some guidance here everyone, I'm currently doing a frame up restoration on my 1979 CJ5. First time I have ever done this I should add. Put a 350 SBC in it and have the adapter kit for an AX15 transmission as I have read for hours and sounds like that is the best fit for the motor...
  9. Vehicles For Sale
    Asking $6500 OBO. No trades. It pains me to do this, but I am selling my 1977 Jeep CJ5. It has a 304 V8, 3 speed T-150 manual transmission, and Dana 20 transfer case. It sits on 33x12.50R15s. Let me summarize upgrades and things that you can do. Upgrades: Full Team Rush ignition swap...MSD...
    $6,500 USD
  10. Jeep CJ Forum
    I have a 74 CJ5 that is going a full restoration. My restoration shop removed the whole steering assembly and gave to me so I can have someone restore the steering wheel. When I looked at it, the horn button is now stuck and won't spring back. Before I dropped off the Jeep, the horn worked fine...
  11. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey guys i’m new to this forum, I have a question regarding parts such as a fuel pump, gas tank, and fuel sending unit being compatible from the CJ-5 Jeep to a DJ5, I’ve looked everywhere I can to find parts for a DJ5 1975 jeep and to no avail. So I was wondering if I ordered a 1975 CJ5 gas...
  12. Northern California
    I have a 304 v8 with the matching 3 speed manual transmission in Willits CA if anyone is interested in them. Pullednthem in anticipation of a 350/auto swap. Engine is missing some parts, tranny is solid and shifted smooth when the jeep was shut down almost 20 years ago. Transfer case is staying...
  13. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey I’ve got a 1972 jeep CJ five that doesn’t have a brake booster on it and I was wondering if anyone had a part number for a universal brake booster that would come with a push rod to work with my jeep or simply just work with the brake pedal thanks, I really want power breaks in this Jeep...
  14. Jeep CJ Forum
    No spark on plugs. Need help figuring out what voltages should be on original ignition system. Measuring 12vdc from red wire on coil + to battery ground with ignition on, 10vdc while cranking. If I pull the green- and red+ off the coil and measure across them I get 4vdc with ignition on and 5vdc...
  15. Jeep CJ Forum
    I was looking at buying a half cab CJ5 but I can’t get a straight answer from google if these are street legal or not in the u.s. Some places say yes, and some places say no. Does anyone know?
  16. Jeep CJ Forum
    hi everyone! quick summary, I've always wanted a jeep cj and i got this fella on a whim a few weeks back and ive started stripping it (some assembly required of course) and im learning a lot. A LOT! (like 75s are hard to source aftermarket parts) I had a friend come over and he mentioned...
  17. Parts For Sale
    Top and doors on a 77 CJ5. I have removed and ready for pick up. Good shape and all Glass is complete. Also has sliding rear ride glass. Not the best pic but it’s all I got on my phone. Pick up only.
    $750 USD
  18. New Members/Introductions
    Hello, As some may know I recently, along with my wife, have become jeep owners.. or should I say jeep "project" owners. Be forewarned, this post will likely go long as I like to share details and results etc.. so with that.. It's not my first jeep because my first was back in the early 90s in...
  19. Jeep CJ Forum
    Any recommendations for a water pump for my ‘72 CJ5 304 V8? Should I get high flow water pump or stick with an OEM? I have also had a few people tell me to remove the thermostat when I put a new water pump on. Any thoughts on the T-stat? Any recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
1-20 of 344 Results