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  1. Jeep CJ Forum
    hi everyone! quick summary, I've always wanted a jeep cj and i got this fella on a whim a few weeks back and ive started stripping it (some assembly required of course) and im learning a lot. A LOT! (like 75s are hard to source aftermarket parts) I had a friend come over and he mentioned...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Top and doors on a 77 CJ5. I have removed and ready for pick up. Good shape and all Glass is complete. Also has sliding rear ride glass. Not the best pic but it’s all I got on my phone. Pick up only.
    $750 USD
  3. New Members/Introductions
    Hello, As some may know I recently, along with my wife, have become jeep owners.. or should I say jeep "project" owners. Be forewarned, this post will likely go long as I like to share details and results etc.. so with that.. It's not my first jeep because my first was back in the early 90s in...
  4. Jeep CJ Forum
    Any recommendations for a water pump for my ‘72 CJ5 304 V8? Should I get high flow water pump or stick with an OEM? I have also had a few people tell me to remove the thermostat when I put a new water pump on. Any thoughts on the T-stat? Any recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Jeep CJ Forum
    I'm not sure what is making this noise I'm thinking it is a spun bearing or a timing problem, it's a cj5 1977 with a 4.2 L and a 32/36 weber carburetor Here's the video
  6. Parts For Sale
    This is a new Crown Heavy Duty 2 Core Radiator for Manual or Automatic Transmission. It's for the 4.2 L/ 258 cid engine. I has all copper top and bottom tanks and the core size is 16 7/8" x 24 3/8" and is 2 rows. It fits the 81-83 CJ5, 81-86 CJ7 and the 81-85 CJ8. They sell for $491 at...
    $300 USD
  7. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey Guys! I have a 1975 CJ5 and have been working on getting the jeep to run. It has ran beautifully before in the past but last year started having a few issues and would seize up like it wasn't getting enough air. This past few months I've replaced the solenoid, battery, coil, distributor...
  8. Jeeps For Sale
    With a bit of remorse I'm selling my 77 CJ5. I bought it about 5 years ago and have a bunch of work to it, but alas, with kids getting older it's just not getting used the way it SHOULD be used. Little to no rust. Steel tub. Has the original (as far as I can tell) 3-speed 304. What I've added...
  9. Jeep CJ Forum
    I am one of the lucky ones. My CJ5 was stolen, along with the trailer it was on, a few months ago. But, a few weeks later, it was found by Houston police being driven around town. They had spray painted the nice blue Jeep with an ugly rattle can silver. But, they broke the steering column to...
  10. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hello, I’ve always been intrigued and interested in Jeep’s. Never owned one and until last week, never driven one. I have 1st option on this 1973 Jeep CJ5 that has been fully restored which I have seen and driven. It’s on classic autotrader out of Denver if you care to look, I can’t post links...
  11. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hello Fellow Jeepers! I had a question for you all. I have a 81 CJ5, and want to try and upgrade it. I have had to do basic work to get her rolling, new suspension, rebuilt carb, and gas tank and sending unit, and other little bits of maintenance. Now I like working on her and want to continue...
  12. Jeep CJ Forum
    So I just picked up my son’s 1966 CJ5. It has a 4.3L Vortec swap (EFI deleted add a Holley 650 in a new intake). Also has a new aluminum 4 radiator. I like both of these. But it has a racing style fuel cell in the cargo area instead of the under seat gas tank (which I don’t like). I have some...
  13. Jeep CJ Forum
    So, I have been crawling through the forum and I had a issue with my jeep having a strong strong fuel smell. So I read up that it can happen with clogged jets on the Carter BBD. So I took it off, cleaned it up and rebuilt it. The strong smell went away, but I still have a light fuel smell. I am...
  14. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read, I have a 81 cj5 with a 258 I6, and I have been fixing her up. I have always wanted a car to work on so I have been enjoying the repair and replacement of things. I just rebuilt the carb, and that was a process! I figure I should replace the...
  15. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hi, Does anyone has pictures of the final installation of those side steps on a CJ5? I thing there is some drilling and tweaking if you want to make these work. Pictures of the final installation should help me before I chew up the frame and floor. Thanks YH
  16. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey gang, I recently bought a '78 CJ5, 304, T150. The choke heater tube was cut by PO and the holes in the plate in the choke stove were plugged with screws. It leaked a little positive pressure (sounded similar to an exhaust leak). After installing a block-off plate, I cranked it up, got a...
  17. Jeep Buying Forum
    hi there, i am looking at a 1979 CJ5 - 20950 asking price do you think its a high ask? looks nice! I am unfamiliar with what i should be paying for this vehicle. just using it for local trails and hauling a dirtbike to the track. Thank You in advance
  18. Jeep CJ Forum
    Recently bought a '74 CJ5; very rough condition. The floorboards had rusted out so, instead of fixing them, the previous owner welded a couple plates over them. Lovely... However, when I remove the plate...
  19. Jeep CJ Forum
    The CJ5 is a pretty utilitarian vehicle. This means they probably didn't add a feature that didn't have a function purpose. So what was the original purpose of this divot in the body lines just above the rear wheels? (There has been some "discussion" about this in my circle...)
  20. New Members/Introductions
    My 1975 Jeep CJ-5 has been in the family since my father bought her in 1980. I am uploading pics of her latest facelift after a carb fire fried the hood and anything that could melt in the engine bay. she has a rebuilt 304 AMC engine, RV cam Edelbrock intake, Holley 600 carb, Mallory...
1-20 of 328 Results