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  1. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I've been working on a CAD model of the TJs frame based on the blueprints that are out there. I'm doing this mainly for myself so its not full professional work but I do work as a CAD designer. I used every available dimension on the 2D prints but there were a few places i had to estimate...
  2. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hello everyone. I've found a 1992 6 cylinder/auto Sahara YJ that I'm about 80% sure I'm going to buy. It's in great shape mechanical-wise, the problem is the frame is kinda rough and will either need repaired or replaced sometime before long. I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with...
  3. Wrangler General Discussion
    I have a YJ wrangler that I want to clean the frame and put some good chassis paint on it. I have never done this before, or bought any paint like this. I'm not lacking in the skills to do something like this, but I have no special tools for painting. I do have a low vloume, low pressure paint...
  4. JD Squared Inc
    The Bend-Pro protractor will make your chassis building life easier! Use the protractor to mock up your bend before you even touch a piece of tubing. It will allow you to determine and visualize the bend angle and how the tubing will fit to avoid incorrect bends and wasted tubing. Bend-Pro...
  5. JD Squared Inc
    Take advantage of this sale while it lasts!
  6. Vendor Display
    DR. JIG - Chassis Jig Factory Direct Price - $1495 Includes Basic Tooling Package at no additional cost! The Dr. Jig is manufactured to be rugged and functional. Basic tooling package includes 6 Angle brackets, 6 Bridge plates, 6 Riser plates, and 16 spacers. Optional accessories are available...
  7. JD Squared Inc
    - Includes Bender, Stand, Pump, Cylinder, and Target Set Feature. - Bends from .5" OD to 3" OD tubing. - Max wall thickness is 2" OD x .250 wall and .120 for anything above 2" OD. - Bends up to 1.5" Solid. - Supports up to 12.5 Center Line Radius. - 1 shot 90 degree bend - 2 shot 180 degree bend...
  8. JD Squared Inc
    Post pictures of your builds on this thread. Any custom things you have done to your Jeep. We would love to see them!
  9. JD Squared Inc
    Model 32 Manual Bender Very popular machine. Built in anti spring back features allow you to have tension on the tubing at all times. Having this feature allows you to bend borderline thinner material. This machine as well is able to convert to hydraulic if need be. The list price on the...
  10. JD Squared Inc
    Beast Notcher The Beast is the ultimate in hole saw tube notching. Able to easily handle straight notches, offset notches, angled notches, and notches in bends. The weight of the BEAST notcher is 50 lbs. This helps with the chatter and saves longer on your hole saws. List Price - $499...
  11. JD Squared Inc
    Model 3 Manual Bender #1 selling bender in the USA to fabricators. Designed with durability and affordability in mind. Bends round tubing and pipe from 1/2" to 2" O.D. and square tubing from 1/2" to 1-1/2". 10s of thousands of these sold all over the world. Die sets not included. List Price...
  12. JD Squared Inc
    Notch Master - $275 Features: - Capacity of 3/4" to 3" OD - Angles up to 50° - Heavy duty 1 1/4" thick steel frame. - 1" Ground & Polished Stainless Steel shaft - Double sealed needle bearings.
  13. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I just put not shocks on and I'm getting body wobble. The sway bar connecting rod keeps stripping out which I think is part of the problem. Is there a reason it would continue to strip these. Also I noticed rubber bushings between the frame and where is mounts to the body. Would replacing those...
  14. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hi i have a 2000 TJ and the frame is rusting, mostly from the inside. I'm going to POR-15 the outside but is there anything i could do for the inside of the frame? thanks
  15. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
    do you guys think these are a good investment, or something that isnt really needed?
1-15 of 16 Results