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  1. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I know there are hundreds of posts about this, but I want to know if a CAI (like the Banks Ram Air) would be beneficial to me. I have a 4.0 with 2.5 exhaust and flowmaster super 44. Would I even notice ANY difference? Sound, power, MPGs? Right now I have stock intake box with K&N filter and the...
  2. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    First post :) i come from a import backround dont know verry much about jeeps besides this being my second one and it has a lift i love my jeep and this is my third mod so far ive done a single 12 speaker box to "bump" ya know lol ive also done 3" straight piping from the down pipe of the...
  3. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey Folks, Bought a used 06 Rubicon from a dealer and it had a cold air intake on it. I want to snorkel it and I need the stock intake to do it the way I want. A gentleman said he will trade me his stock 99 intake (4.0) for my CAI. Are the boxes and everything identical on the two jeeps...
  4. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Question - Should I reprogram my WK with my Superchips programmer after adding an AFE Stage 2 intake? Like, do I have to change a setting in the programmer telling it that I added a CAI, then reprogram, or does it work best as is? Hope the question makes sense.
  5. Jeep MK Compass & Patriot Forum
    I have been wanting to put my old CAI from my '99 Dakota 5.2L on my Compass AWD 5 spd for a while now, and today I finally did it. I want to add more power. It always wants to stall when taking off in 1st, and I have to get it above 3500 rpm for the power band to kick in, and than it's still...
  6. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I've returned the k&n cold air system I have back to the stock air box set up after getting tired of how loud it was and what a hassle it had become. Since I've had the stock air box back I've noticed that it appears to be running better and dont know if that makes any sense. I know sometimes...
  7. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Well the jeep is finally coming together thanx to all the good advice im getting on here. Just a couple things left to narrow it down. 1.Trektop = does it leak and is it cheaply made? bestop 2.MBRP= who has one and does it sound good (not ricey) 3.CAI = heard some may actually decrease pwr , is...
  8. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey guys, i just slapped on a K&N cone onto the TJ but after driving it for a few days i concluded that this might now have been the smartest move as the filter gets very HOT sitting in the stock airbox location. Now, i've read plenty about the cowl intake mod and i have done it and had it on...
  9. Engines & Drivetrain
    Ive been looking at cold air intakes for my 93 YJ for about 3 months now and I like both the Airaid and K&N systems they have avaluable. I always hear K&N is the best but is it really? And Airaid when ever I read some one posting about that system its always good reasons to go with it other then...
  10. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I believe I gained about 12.5 hp today by NOT installing a Place-Where-You-Deposit-Your-Money (Banks...uh, I mean PWYDYM) Ram Air Inlet and (especially) the "PWYDYM Power" stickers that came in the box. Note that the name of the Inlet has been changed to protect...well, basically no one. Im a...
  11. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    What do you guys suggest for the best K&N filter for my 07 Rubicon, and on a budget. Thanks
  12. Jeep MK Compass & Patriot Forum
    How much horse power would I gain with the following mods? Mopar cold air intake, mopar header, magnaflow single catback exhaust. Its a 2008 5speed manual 4x4
  13. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a 2.5L TJ and was wanting to get a cold air intake. I was looking at the AEM Brute Force. Need input are they worth it?? :pickle:
  14. Cai

    KJ Liberty Forum
    I have wondered about CAIs and had started to hijack a thread and didn't want to do that. So my question is I found a link to a CAI that uses the stock air box and runs an intake tube to a position by the radiator. I think it is 3in tube running in between. I would like to hear the thoughts on...
  15. AEM Cold Air Intake

    Installed the AEM cold air intake for a 97 TJ because I wanted it attached to the passenger side fender.
1-15 of 16 Results