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  1. Engines & Drivetrain
    Hi, I'm rebuilding an AX-15 and am stuck at loose fitting c-clips. I have a B mark and need one .008" thicker. It looks like there are 5 different ones that came in several thicknesses and are no longer being produced. What are you guys doing for these c-clips? Is there anyone selling used or...
  2. New Members/Introductions
    Hey guys! I'm somewhat new to Jeeps. I'm trying to replace my u-joints and managed to break the c-clip in the yoke. I managed to get one side out but the other side there's no longer any tabs to take the c-clips out. I've tries wd-40/PB blaster, flame torching it, hammering it out with a screw...
  3. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hey , Im brand new to Jeep. Bought a 96 ZJ really cheap. Planned on fixing a little here and there. Found out my drivers side rear axle is bent. I got the build sheet and it indicates a Dana 44 rear. Going to replace but was wondering how to tell if the axle is a C-Clip or a retainer bracket...
  4. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    The c-clips on my axle u-joint inner shaft be? I am replacing my u-joint and went to install the new one on the inner shaft, but it almost acts like the "ear" has been bent in because I can't get the second c-clip on. It looks as if the ears have been bent together. Let me clarify
  5. Jeep CJ Forum
    current rear end - ford 8.8 - free from a buddy, off of a mid 90's explorer. the f8.8 retains stock gearing and c clip setup, although i rewelded the spring perches for SOA and built a custom drive shaft. axle was ment to be a temporary replacement after a wheel bearing blew on my factory model...
  6. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    i have a 99 TJ with a Dana 30 front end and I have never had to pull the shafts out until now when i have to do U-joints. Does this axle have C-clips that i have to remove so I can get the axle shafts out?
  7. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Are the axles held in by c clips from the factory or will the axles just pull out? Thanks
1-7 of 8 Results