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  1. Paint and Body
    I bought a Motobilt bumper and it has been sitting for a few months, I also bought some Baja Designs LP6 lights and fog lights, and I was waiting for those to come in so that I could drill the holes and also add a custom stinger to the Motobilt bumper. I am waiting on the lights because I want...
  2. Body & Interior Parts
    Jeep CJ OEM Bumperettes. $75.00 - Local Pickup OR You Pay Shipping. I ship UPS Ground. Cash or PayPal to Friends & Family. Ships within 2 days of payment. Sells to Continental U.S.A. Only. Thanks.
    $75 USD
  3. Body & Interior Parts
    Jeep CJ OEM Bumperettes. $75.00 - Local Pickup OR You Pay Shipping. I ship UPS Ground. Cash or PayPal to Friends & Family. Ships within 2 days of payment. Sells to Continental U.S.A. Only. Thanks.
    $75 USD
  4. Jeep CJ Forum
    I placed an order a couple weeks ago for a DirtWorx rear bumper and spare tire carrier for my '79 CJ5. I viewed many photos on JF of bumper & tire carriers. I am wondering if a polyurethane washer should be placed over the bolts in between the mounting brackets and the rear cross-member to...
  5. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Please use the poll to respond.
  6. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Fellow Jeepers, and especially JK owners, I'm trying to determine viability of a product I might try to manufacture and sell. Necessity being the mother of all inventions, I've found myself deciding to fabricate my own bumper to meet my needs. Because I'm going to fabricate my own for personal...
  7. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey guys, Could someone help me with verifying the width of the top front bumper bolt holes center to center? I have been looking for a few days but cannot find anything on the forums. I purchased a Smittybuilt P/N: 2812 CJ front bumper conversion to a YJ due to my front shackle conversion...
  8. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    On my 94 YJ, the stock tire on the back is causing the tailgate to sag. I’m running 31 BFGs So stock spare has limited use (p.o. bought a brand new tire). I a. Picking up a 31 BFG tonight from a friend I’d like to use as a spare. I use a wheelchair (amputee) so I gotta Be able to open/close...
  9. Wrangler General Discussion
    Today we started the front bumper mod for our 2018 Jeep Jl. Even without adding a new bumper I think the Jeep looks good this way!
  10. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if this mod would be possible. I'm not a fan of the weird slanted grille and the headlights on the ZJ. Any idea if this would be a direct fit or would I have to fab something up?
  11. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    I couldn't find reviews for the WJ "SWAMPER" bumper they offer on their website, ebay, or on this forum so I decided to ask myself. Has anyone had this bumper and have had good experiences with it? Trying to get a solid bumper and its hard to do that when you live in MT. Thanks Gabe...
  12. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I'm looking to get a new front bumper for the Jeep in the pictures below. Prices have ranged from $250-$1,200, so I'm looking for advice/reviews and experiences with different brands and styles before I go in and purchase one.
  13. Audio, CB & Ham Radios, GPS, & Electrical
    Hey there, first post so please be nice! I've been modding my '11 JK for about 2 years now, slowly but surely getting more and more familiar with the process. I'm new to Jeeps, having grown up with German cars, so it's taken a little bit for me to get comfortable. However, now I'm fully...
  14. Drivetrain
    Zip29621ModelWranglerKeywordsLJ, Dana 44, TJ, axle, tie rod, drag link, lift kit, bumper, tire carrierStateSCCityAndersonPrice1400ShippingLocal Pick-up ,Will ShipPaymentPayPal ,Check/MOI am finally making progress on my LJ build. I drove it some after I got it but pretty much parked it for a...
  15. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Hi all, Kind of an odd question - I have a set of front and rear bumper guards that I bought in 2007 for my 2005 WK. The manufacturer, WAAG, no longer makes them. When I bought them, it said they fit 2005 to 2007. Is it safe to assume they would feet 2008, 2009, and 2010? I can't imagine Jeep...
  16. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    I want to make my own bumper and was wondering if anyone had a CAD file I could work with or some exact dimensions around.... TIA
  17. Body & Interior Parts
    Zip22003ModelMultipleKeywordsJK, Jeep, Winch, BumperStateVACityAnnandalePrice400ShippingLocal Pick-up ,Will ShipPaymentPayPal ,Cash OnlyJK XRC M.O.D. (Multi Optional Design) Bumper System allows you to design your bumper for any terrain. The base unit was developed around our XRC platform and...
  18. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey everyone, new to the Jeep forum and looking for some advice - hopefully it makes sense as I'm not too sure of some terminology:p I currently drive a 2012 Sahara, stock. A lovely person decided to drive into him while he was parked and I wasn't there, almost entirely cracking off the front...
  19. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    I just scrapped my rear bumper when I was referencing another car when backing up today :( Now it looks like this ( You can tell on the lower left corner of the bumper there is a large scrap area and scratch lines...
  20. Vendor Display
    Rampage Bumpers! Starting at $349.97 After Mail in Rebate - Ends this Friday! Shop Bumpers>> 5 Star Reviews! "Rampage front bumper I purchased from Morris4x4 was a great looking bumper. it fits perfectly without any drilling. I used a dining table chair with a cardboard to protect it and...
1-20 of 237 Results