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  1. WK2 Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hello everyone, I’ve been having a problem with me wk2 GC 2011 5.7 hemi. When I accelerate hard, a bad smell comes from my AC vents, a sulphur rotten type smell. If I drive normally, it doenst come. If I accelerate a few mins after starting the car it doenst come. It only comes when the engine...
  2. Full Size Jeep Forum
    Your Thoughts??? I just had the carb rebuilt On my '79 Cherokee Chief along with a few Exhaust leaks fixed, timing and replaced a few bad hoses. Now I'm getting a horrible smell like burnt rusty Rotten gas??? Also I seem to be a little sluggish and putting gas in it like I'm going on a road...
1-2 of 2 Results