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  1. New Members/Introductions
    Looking for help getting my 1963 Willy's CJ5 running in top shape. Looking for a local shop in the Phoenix area (or possibly Prescott as we have a place there in the mountains) that specializes in these vintage Jeeps. Probably the first priority is to either replace the speedometer combo gauge...
  2. Outdoor Recreation
    Please redirect me if you feel there is a better place to post this. I will be going to a family event in Colorado in a week, and I would like to find some good Jeep trails to check out on my way back to California. I will be in my nearly stock TJ, with my wife and 2 year old, so I am not...
  3. Beautiful Hell

    A rocky hellish place with unbelievable vistas and bald eagles.. Sycamore Canyon
  4. GOD's Speed Everyone

    Rental Jeep on my first trip here. Cost me nearly 65$ just to clean it when I was done. Plus the front CVs were wobbling when I returned. Tons of fun but I have had better luck in the 4door.Not as maneuverable but More stable and better ride and I have climbed and declined some impossible 50 foot sl
  5. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Hi guys, I just became the proud owner of a 1990 Jeep Cherokee and love everything about it except that it cannot pass emissions here in Arizona. I've tested it twice now and both times it is running too rich. I gave it a tune up after the first test and it actually tested more rich than the...
  6. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I'm having a problem with my 4WD system. Well, not a problem, it just won't engage the front axel. So technically I just don't have any 4WD. Recently, the 4.2L was rebuilt and the engine people were a bunch of retards and messed up the vacuum lines. It engaged perfectly fine before the engine...
  7. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Well, I figured I would make a "build" thread. I have had my YJ for nearly 10 years and have been doing mods here and there so I won't have a lot of pics of the entire process. I got my '93 YJ when I turned 16. I paid $1500 at the time which was a steal. I can't find any stock pictures but I...
  8. usa jeep road trip white sands national park, Arizona

    Besides getting stopped at a border check point and NOT having my UK passport with us, the visit to white sands was fantastic, would love to have spent longer there.
1-8 of 8 Results