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  1. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Can anyone recommend a good cab cover? I have a full cover I use in the summer, but it is too bulky and I only need to cover the cab when I take the top off during the summer. Also, any recommendations on how to keep rain water from puddling on top? There isn’t too much rain SoCal, but when it...
  2. Mopar Parts Deals
    Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 82215416AB Description: This genuine OEM tailgate table from Mopar provides you with an easily accessible work surface or a place to rest your food and beverages during your next tailgate. The tailgate table mounts to the swing gate and folds up to stow on the...
  3. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey guys, I recently got handed down a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (dark green) from my brother. I've started to get some basic accessories for it : Gladiator grill, led headlights and fog lights, fuel cap door, got the windows tinted, 28' KO2's with the factory rims blacked out(it's not...
  4. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    I plan on doing a lot of camping this summer starting this weekend. Since I do plan on camping more often I would like to make my jeep better equipped for it. Whether it's a water spikit mod or just something that's nice to have in your jeep when camping. I would love to hear about what you do...
  5. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    RBP 3" RX-3 Side Bars. DOES ANYONE OWN THESE FOR THEIR 2017 4 DOOR WRANGLER UNLIMITED I was wondering if anyone owns these side bars? I like the way they look but i dont know if they are sturdy and fit the model im asking about. If you do own them can u share a picture please?
  6. Jeep CJ Forum
    Ok guys, had an idea for a thread this morning. Everyone knows that the basic accessory list on any trail CJ is bumpers/d-ring mounts, winch, lockers, etc... but what are some dram ideas for addons if you had an unlimited budget and master fab skills? Example: I am kicking around the idea of...
  7. General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a product designer and am researching what people take with them when they use their Jeeps recreationally. It would be great if everyone could share some images and talk about your gear that you take with you and what you do with it. What is your must have every time...
  8. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Hey guys! Need help with this problem 08 WK 3.7 v6 Cruiser nor working? Fuses are OK How to fix this?
  9. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Hey guys whats up, i have a problem the cruiser on my jeep doesnt work no lights showing up [Green light; Cruiser] nothing about cruiser showing up in panel anyone know what cause this? help :confused:
  10. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Hey guys anyone has this cheap lights on lateral mirrors? And the question is how to install it in a OEM mirrors?
  11. Jeep Picture Requests
    Post some of the deepest jeep wrangler bumpers. Ones that stick out far from the rear of the vehicle. Please include manu/model.
  12. Vendor Display
    10% Off Summer Tops for 2007 - 2015 JK & Unlimited JK Shop Summer Tops! - Click Here
  13. Wrangler General Discussion
    Hi all! I'm the owner of a 2014 Cherokee, but my boyfriend is the owner of a 2014 Wrangler Sport Willys Edition. I am looking for ideas for a Christmas gift for him. Please speak out with accessories or "upgrades" that you know of or have yourself that a Jeep guy would love. Only problem is...
  14. Vendor Display
    JEEP BLACK STAINLESS STEEL LICENSE PLATE This stylish license plate features a chrome 3D Jeep mounted on black gloss steel plate. 12" x 6" in size. It comes with hardware and decorative black screw covers. 100% made...
  15. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I've been working on integrating directly with the CAN-Interior bus of my JKU for a few projects. This weekend I finally got enough of the pieces together that I was able to get a lot of data off the bus and figure out what actions generate what messages. It's possible to generate your own...
  16. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Anyone swap out their factory 1998 Sahara side steps and mounting brackets, and have them lying around in their garage? My factory original brackets have started to rust out and I need to replace them. I cannot find anything older than 2001 compatible so I was hoping someone here may have a set...
  17. Wrangler General Discussion
    Add your own ideas Disclaimer: :rantscream: The following should only be attempted by trained professionals By attaching a cable pulley at the top of the stinger (if well made) the cable of the winch can pull up on a stuck vehicle in a ditch or behind a log, instead of pulling the vehicle...
  18. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Hello guys, I'm new around here and I have a 2006 limited GC completely stock. A friend of mine offered me a complete suspension (front and rear coils King Spring and 4 pro shock shocks) to get 3.5". Now my question is... Isn't 3.5 to much for just 4 coils and 4 shocks? Shouldn't I use some...
1-18 of 34 Results