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  1. New Members/Introductions
    NEW TO THE FORUM ME AND MY 97 TJ. HELLO TO ALL!!!!! My name is Dre or The Kreeper as they call my 97 jeep wrangler TJ that I own. I have grown to love my jeep over the year i have owned it. Yes I am a first time "jeeper" and I love it. I can now pull up to the lake and fish off the top of my...
  2. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I said howdy, he said hi! So I am having issues with my turd. Motor runs and has power, but I have a myestry misfire on cylinder one. Lately or the last couple of days she has started to smoke out the tailpipe. You can smell the coolant. So rather than waste the time and money on rebuilding my...
  3. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hi guys, My passenger seat won't tumble forward like it's supposed too. So I had a look under there, and the cables and everything are intact and operating. BUT, the lever that the cable is attached to is bent up so it doesn't work any more. I need to bend it down, but I can't grab it with...
  4. Forum Software Test Section
    So my 97 ZJ 5.2, has one or more Bad injector(s), i only drive it to work and home, about a 3-4 min drive. Won't have time till later this week to fix the problem. If i keep driving it like that, how much damage am i putting on the engine? Am i doing serious damage by driving it home and to work?
  5. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a 97 TJ 4.0L and want to get a 2-3" lift so I can fit either 32-33's What should I get? I would prefer to avoid body lifts, also I am not made of money, but I also am not looking for the cheapest solution either.
  6. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I have a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Car I put the key in and the car won't start The engine clunks and then the Check Gauges light comes on The radio doesn't work A new alternator was put in under a year ago What should I do? If you need any more information let me know
  7. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Okay, here's the situation. I have a 1997 TJ with a 4.0 and 145, XXX miles. I had an issue with the cat converter and downstream O2 sensor recently so I replaced the entire exhaust system after the header and both O2 sensors. The Jeep drove horribly for a couple of days, it had NO power over...
  8. Waiting on the new parts !

    I Got in a little accident a couple weeks ago and I now have to replace the full front end, including the rad. I thought this would be a perfect way to start prepping it for offroading. I ordered all the new parts, and i have a Hanson jxj1102-p front bumper on the way.
  9. Bone Stock and Clean

    When I first bought her in April 2011
1-20 of 25 Results