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  1. WJ Grand Cherokee
    Hi So my 4.0 Quadra Drive with the 247J T-Case is making rumbling and vibration sounds when turning at slower speeds not always but pretty often so i changed the oil in it with the mopar NV 247 oil and when i got the old stuff out it was red so yeah the viscous coupler is probably toast but as...
  2. Engines & Drivetrain
    My WJ 4.0 with The over advanced Quadra drive system is making a rumbling or rubbing sound and it’s kinda loud when turning at slower speeds not always but pretty often and I suspect it coming from the T-Case as there was red fluid in it so I ordered the Mopar stuff and pumped most old fluid out...
  3. Engines & Drivetrain
    i have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo 4.7 v8 with the np247 transfer case it blew out and i have a 231 from a 92 wrangler, from what i understand its a basic swap, but what i cant find is if i keep my same axles do i need to swap out driveshafts??? please help asap
  4. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    The transfer case in my 99 Grand Cherokee w/ Quadra drive is making this loud grinding noise while under hard acceleration and when the front wheels would begin to spin. While in the snow/ice i had someone hold the brake and give it some gas and i noticed that the noise is coming from the...
1-4 of 4 Results