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  1. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I have an 01 and an 03 WJ. Both are I6. Inherited from my parents some time ago. I have been letting my kids drive the 03, but they have their own cars now. I plan on keeping the 01, lower mileage, better package, BB. It has the NV247 that I recently rebuilt, the 03 has the 242. I don't off...
  2. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I'm just curious. Since joining the forum I've rebuilt a 242 TC to replace a non functioning 247 TC in a 99 GC limited with 90,000 mi. Last winter (2012/2013) here on Drummond island's ice cover roads I felt the lack of driver side front wheel not rotating. Mechanic on island said brake seized...
  3. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Okay, I know there is tons of info on this topic and I have searched and got most of the info I need, but I have some questions about my particular setup and if I had the answers could save me some money in parts. my vehicle is a 99 WJ with 4.0 247 with a 4 inch lift My first question is...
1-3 of 3 Results