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  1. WL Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer Forums
    Hi- I just purchased my Jeep a few days ago. I notice that when I start up my Jeep and drive/reverse there is a sound coming from the back of my vehicle- not a whirring or clicking sound- almost like a drip?!!! And it continues for about a minute or two before silencing. There is no other...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Happy 2023 Everyone! We're going to kick off the new year with some great deals on Nacho and Vision X lighting! If you haven't seen the Nacho off-road lights yet, we'd encourage you to take a closer look. These lights are high beam, low beam and area light. One pair of lights to do it all...
  3. Vendor Deals
    Are you thinking of buying a new vehicle and tired of the mark ups at the dealerships of 3, 5, even north of 10 GRAND?!?! Well forget all that with just a ONE dollar deposit! YUP, ONE dollar will secure you a brand new vehicle order here at Galeana CDJR. We offer below invoice ordering across...
  4. Vendor Deals
    Here at Galeana we know that many dealers are requiring very high deposits just to order a vehicle and we realize that may sometimes put an economical strain on some folks out there. So here at Galeana Chrysler Dodge JEEP and RAM we are running a brand new special of ONE DOLLAR ORDERS. Order...
  5. Vendor Deals
    Located at Galeana CDJR in Fort Myers, FL. We are now offering all models at MSRP and select models at or BELOW INVOICE. We are pushing for more sold order traffic and want to get all of our loyal customers the CDJR built the way YOU want. So please contact us to schedule your order today!
  6. Great Deals
    We are offering MSRP ORDERING on all models here at GALEANA Chrysler Dodge JEEP and RAM. Also have INVOICE PRICING on select models!!! Please contact me today to put your name on a new vehicle!!!
  7. Jeep Buying Forum
    We here at Galeana Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM are now offering MSRP Ordering and INVOICE ordering on select models. We are located in Southwest Florida in the Fort Myers area. Please contact me for any more information on ordering your next CDJR!
1-7 of 7 Results