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  1. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I have been trying to track down a major oil leak for 5 months without success. What is this hose that is covered with oil? Do our models have an oil cooler?
  2. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I am seriously struggling trying to figure out where my oil leak is coming from. Around February I noticed a bit of oil under my car, it is now a lake. The weather was too cold initially, so I just dealt with it. The car is leaking about 1qt every 100miles. It is a BAD leak. It is seeming to...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee & Commander Forums
    Hope all you Jeep lovers are having a great evening:) I just bought a 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo. The cruise control light comes on. However, it will not set. Any ideas? I seem to have good vacuum all my AC vents work well and it idles very smoothly. Haven't checked the fuse box yet I, however...
1-3 of 3 Results