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  1. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey y’all, I’m new to this forum and I understand forum rules about looking to see if a topic has been discussed before prior to posting a question that has been answered 100 times on this website. But I have something kind of unique. Bought this Jeep from my brother in law. He claims it is a...
  2. Jeep CJ Forum
    Would anyone know if all the parts that I can reuse, steering column, 258ci 4.2 motor, 3 speed Trans, original front and rear diffs, drive shafts, tail gate, front grill assembly, and others I can't think of at the moment work with the 1977 frame and tub?
  3. Jeep CJ Forum
    The differencial of my 1979 CJ7 project is VERY offset from my transfercase on my mother's 1980 CJ7 4.2L. it brings the question, what is going on here? I never got to driving it yet. Can I make some triangle to correct the vertical angle? should I make the diff make a 180 to try and correct the...
  4. Jeep Buying Forum
    hi there, i am looking at a 1979 CJ5 - 20950 asking price do you think its a high ask? looks nice! I am unfamiliar with what i should be paying for this vehicle. just using it for local trails and hauling a dirtbike to the track. Thank You in advance
  5. Jeeps For Sale
    Asking $6,700 or best offer (no trades) 1979 CJ7 ~150,000 miles on this classic 258, 4.2L Inline-6 cylinder engine 3-speed transmission Several upgrades and improvements made to it: Aluminum radiator (dual fan) New Starter Rebuilt lower engine (oil pan valve and cam shaft) New Clutch...
  6. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey guys, New here and new to Jeeps. I traded my uncle a car for a '79 CJ5. It's basically stock. Anyway, the rear passenger side had differential oil come spilling out of it, mixed with grease. Seal replacement time. Finally popped the hub off today (AMC 20 two piece axle) and noticed this...
  7. Full Size Jeep Forum
    I just got my 1979 Chief this past weekend for my Birthday 8-29-1979 :) I Absolutely Love It!!! I would like to have it gone through (under the hood, Frame, axels) I live in North County San Diego. Any suggestions on where start?? New to the Older Jeeps. New to Forums. H. E. l. P. I want...
  8. '79 Chief SJ

    1979 Wagoneer Cherokee
  9. Full Size Jeep Forum
    I'm looking at a 1979 J10 Honcho 4x4 and I have a few questions. Can I swap interior pieces like a dashboard or door panels from a Grand Wagoneer into a J10? Also could I swap a rear bumper off of a Grand Wagoneer onto a J10? What is the tow capacity of a J10? This one has a 360 and a 3 speed auto.
  10. Forum Software Test Section
    hi guys my first time on here and i've been recommended to sign upp so i have a 1979 cj5 pretty much stock besides tires, 33x12 i was looking to lift it so i could start to have a lil fun in the mudd the only thing i am not sure which lift kit to get.. i was looking at Skyjacker, ORV Rugged...
  11. Full Size Jeep Forum
    Hey guys, pretty new to this, site and all. Just wanted to ask some questions and maybe get some opinion on my truck and let y'all know what i plan to do with it in the future. To start off, I acquired my 1979 J10 from a neighbor for i believe 900 bucks if i remember correctly. Had (and...
  12. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey guys, I am not new to the website but I am new to its membership. I finally found my jeep its a 1979 cj5 304 3 speed:thumbsup:. I got the jeep for the right price because the wheel came off while I was test driving it. But! with a couple hundred in new rear axles/bearings/axle hubs I got...
  13. Engines & Drivetrain
    I have purchased and I am in the middle of installing a BDS 4" lift on my 1979 CJ5. The springs are not labeled as to which is front and which is rear. One set is a little more heavy duty, does this go in the front or the rear? The Heavier Springs are part number 004251 and the lighter...
  14. Jeep CJ Forum
    Noob first Drinks are on me! 1979 258 I-6 I bought a project and started to do the "Team Rush" upgrade. But my distributor screw holes and recesses (for the screws to hold the distributor together) are 90 degrees from each other. All of the other pictures I have seen (and the...
  15. Jeep CJ Forum
    I have been contemplating posting a build thread for awhile. After viewing some of the current ones I got really pumped! I also figured that as long as I was going to be asking for help fixing stuff I might as well have it in the thread... so here we go. My 16 YO son, Clay, and I are building...
  16. Jeep CJ Forum
    What is the best steering system upgrade for a heavily modified CJ7? I am running massive 35" TSL/SX tires and 8" lift. My power steering box is stock now and I get a random steering wobble in the front end. Thx, Karl
  17. Jeep_Web

    1979 Jeep CJ7
  18. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey all, Just got a '79 CJ7 last week, my first. My apologies for the long post, but just wanted to let y'all know where I'm at so you can provide any feedback you like. Here's the details: 304 V8, runs ok, idles a little rough. Recently Rebuilt T150 Not sure about the Tcase model New Wheels...
  19. Rebuild in progress

    1979 cj5 304 v8
1-19 of 20 Results