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I have a 2014 jeep wrangler. This is my wife’s daily driver. I drive a 1995 chevy Silverado. I’ve had more problems with the jeep than I’ve ever had with my Chevy. Her jeep is about 20 years newer than my truck. sad no matter who you are. I replace a TIPM on my wife’s 2014 Jeep.NOW THE WINDSHIELD wipers work again. $600 fix. For $600 I can make my Chevy truck even more dependable. My truck which is 20 years older is more dependable than my wife’s 2014 jeep wrangler I’ll take my dependable 95 chevy over a jeep of any year. Not a hobby or lifestyle. I need a vehicle that does it’s job


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I do want to give a shoutout to MAKS. Their TIPM worked. Jeep is a powerhouse but it wouldn’t be possible without people like me buying into the bs. Jeeps are a project not a dependable source of transportation. Chevy my friend. Don’t need a forum. I don’t understand forums. Got a problem with my jeep or whatever. YouTube is awesome for the most part. Doesn’t matter shouldn’t need forums