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Grand Wagoneer
Champagne Gold / Nutmeg
Class III Towing Package
As far as I can tell, was purchased in Bend, OR by a guy who worked at Les Schwab. He died and his wife had it for a while. She donated it, and it looks to have sat for two years before going to auction. There is not a spot of rust on this thing, even the decals are intact. Coming from the rust belt and not having every bolt be a challenge is AMAZING.
1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (Champagne Gold / Nutmeg)


• Rebuilt 360 by Tristar, sleeved to stock bore

• BJ's aluminum valve covers

• Holley Street Avenger 670 (too big! Holley tech recommended it and I rolled with it, but I NEVER turn over 3400, and that's like 93 MPH on the highway!)

• MSD 8523 Dizzy. Wanted to get out of the unstable ignition module trap and it's working wonders.

• Mr. Gasket vacuum can - the weird thing about the 8523 is it doesn't come equipped with an adjustable vacuum canister. So I swapped it out for this one, and also have a limiter plate on it. I didn't like the idea of my advance going 20 degrees out (I'm running 19 BTDC initial), so got this and fabbed a limiter plate to keep it at 8 degrees advance. I don't know if this is the best for performance, but at least I feel like I'm not harming my engine.

• Performer Cam

• Performer Intake

• Some kind of edelbrock chrome aircleaner

• K&N Air filter

• K&M Engineering stainless mesh reusable oil filter

• Mopar deep tranny pan

• Ammeter bypass with properly sized wires and breakers

• Serehill relay headlight harness

• Hella E-code H4 headlights

• Z&M Jeeps engine harness (if you do this, beware... the connections in the bulkhead connector changed in '84, I had to hustle to get some packard 59 & 56 blades to make it match on the other side of the firewall!)
BJ's billet door pull brackets

A lame attempt at leather crack repair

Cut dash for DIN radio. Just can't live with the 3-hole stuff and give up too much for the 'vintage look' radios I could fit. I did mix the paint and got an exact color match to paint the bezel with though!

BJ's floor mats. It's amazing how well ACC carpet hit the nutmeg color.

Lloyd Ultimat Cargo Mat in Bamboo. They didn't have a close match so chose something that would at least look cool. Doesn't fit all that well but at least know the shag is good underneath and I can use my truck like a truck!
BJ's Grille
My awesome girl, and our dog.
• Rancho 9000xl adjustables
• Stock springs were good! No wag sag.
Wheel and Tire


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