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Lime green
Purchased as a basket case. Past year have been repairing body rust issues, cleaning frame swapping out drive train as original was damaged by PO, and purchasing body panels/ parts as I find them
1979 Jeep CJ7 (Lime green)


Rebuilt AMC 304 with a T150 3 speed transmission with DANA 20 transfer case. New radiator, fan, fan clutch, hoses, belts plugs, and wires. New HEI distributor, high flow water pump, and new 185 degree thermostat. Edelbrock intake with Holly carburetor.
new front seats with 5 point harness, new ( to me ) rear seat, interior will be Lizard skinned for thermal control, then covered with Monstaliner bed liner- hope it's as good as its reviews. New painless wiring harness, the wiring under hood and dash were spliced so many times I'm amazed the thing didn't have a melt down sitting in driveway with battery hooked up.
install full roll cage, new front fenders, new hood, repair previous body work- I swear I've removed 1/4" of bondo from entire tub- finally got down to bare metal where I removed rusted sections and welded in replacements. then thin layer of body filler just to blend repairs with existing panels. I am not a welder by any means, but have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself, the panels are straight the repairs blend nicely, I think I'm about ready for some primer/paint which is going to be another first for me. Then replacing brake rotors disk and calipers, and replacing rear drums and shoes- upgrading to rear disk is on the wish list but can't afford that expense right now
Haven't got there yet
Superlift 4" suspension lift, dual steering stabilizers shocks are shot and looks like leaf springs have seen better days, so removing those and installing new rough country 4" lift with Nitro 2.0 shocks- anyone already running this lift what do you think about it? I can't afford the rubicon $1200 lift, so rough country is only kit I found with military wrapped springs Front DANA 30 rear AMC 20 narrow track
Wheel and Tire
35" boggers nothing special, will be changing back to 33's when its time and hoping to regear diffs A.S.A.P. now running 2.73 hoping to go to 4.56 if that will fit carriers really don't want to think about axle swap


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