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Showcase cover image for Lucy


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Lucy lives!!! :shhh: Brakes work, Steering is tighter, Engine runs ok, one lifter is ticking so hoping it is stuck from sitting. Installed AX15 from 97 Cherokee, Straight bolt in Lucy even had a pilot bushing so only had to fabricate trans crossmember to be deeper than BW auto one and new Drive shaft to use front u-joint rather than the old 2/3 of a CV joint thing. Used a Cherokee clutch master and slave and RHD Brake master mounting box cut in half to mount on outside of frame, along with a RHD brake pedal and fabricated linkage, needed a longer brake and clutch pivot shaft but works very smooth and easy. Wheel hop it seems is free.

Current photo is in front of Machine shop that did my clutch pedal bushings. Great guys to work with but really busy.

Question looking for ideas.
Any DJ5 owners care to share where they put a spare tire?
Any ideas on sholder harness, Roll bar? Wondering aobut trying a Wrangler roll bar with the Seat belt attach mount to it.