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Sport Unlimited
Flame Red
Lift, Tires, Rims, Winch, HardTop and SoftTop
My Son Mike (23yo) bought this from his best friend in July 2016. We began working on this, doing the simple bulb changes, oil change, maintenance, and cleaning. We also learned all about the care and use and all the fun pieces that came with it. Sadly, in Nov 2016, Mike died in his sleep. He was about to turn 24. He worked at York County 911 as a dispatcher for over 5 years, right out of High School. I was so proud of him, keeping a job and working hard to do well. When he died, I knew I had to take over the Jeep. The Bank tried to take it from me even though I was ahead of the game and had paid ahead on the loan (over 2,500$ ahead). As I was getting the paperwork together, the bank, decided to hire a repo guy to take it from me with out even telling me. I found out from the Repo guy, since he felt bad about what the person at the bank was trying to do... get the jeep at a reduced price. What the person at the bank didnt count on, was how beloved my son Mike was. several hundred people came to his viewing... so many that they had to park several blocks away and and then wait in line. I got a loan for it, and am so glad his brothers will also get to drive it. I plan to take the jeep to all the places Mike wanted... my dads farm in Iowa, Outer Banks NC, Arizona and more...
2012 Jeep Sport Unlimited (Flame Red)



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