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2006 Liberty liberty


Can't get engine to crank after back axle broke

My daughter was driving the Jeep going about 15 mph and the rear axle broke. We had had some vibration and I had an appointment to get it in. I had it towed to a place to fix the axle but the mechanic can't get it started. As soon as the axle broke the engine quit. The key turns and it has lights but no click, nothing. Does the 2006 have some sort of a cut off to the fuel for safety when this happens? This has always started and ran great, I think it's a Jeep thing with a feature that stops the fuel to the engine to prevent fire. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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I have read that there is an auto shut off in accidents and in cases like this to prevent fire. It will immediately shut the fuel system down with the ignition switch. Then it needs to be cycled to turn it on again with the key. It says turn the key to lock, wait 5 seconds then back to on position and wait 5 seconds then turn it over. Has anyone done this before? I am headed over to the shop tomorrow to try it and I sure hope it works. I have lights and dash lights but nothing when I turn the key. And it happened the second the rear axle broke. If anyone has any insight into this I'd really appreciate it. I am trying to figure it out without it costing me a fortune that I can't afford. Sorry, I am very new here and not even sure if I am doing this all right. :laugh2: