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Grand Cherokee
Dk Green
Sweet Lil-ole Pampered pet yet she's been coast-to-coast, spending a year living in the Colorado Rockies. But most of her time was spent in Mom's Virginia garage, so she's a visual gem. Never heard of an 'Orvis Edition' before buying her 2 yrs ago from the original owner, but WOW. Jeep got alot right about this little girl.
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Dk Green)


Stock I-6 on a continuous HiLo AWD Automatic w/OD. Her Hog Head is starting to sound like a 500# woman in spandex, so we may need to rebuild it soon & next weekend she gets new Ball Joints. We'll look at all the front end wear & replace any of her jiggly parts. She also needs a new Tailgate (shame, looks like new but the inside bottom is rusted completely out, the only rust on her.) She'll go back into my friend's shop this week for another A/C check; she's got a leak somewhere & we put dye in last visit to see if we can't pinpoint that.
In a word, 'Posh'. Power everything, onboard systems sensors readout below the air controls, Infinity Amped DDIN equalized sound, custom leather upholstery, well thought out. Great mix of digital and analog everything. I'm tall and my Wife's tiny so the power seats & mirrors / adjustable steering wheel get alot of use. And the split rear seats come in handy packing-up for the beach.
Stock; lots of 'Edition' additions (rocker rails, roof rack, tinted windows, snatch hooks, oversized rims & tires, gold accents everywhere, driving lights, sun roof, ...). I like her just the way she is.
Infinity Amped DDIN equalized sound system (CD-Tape-Radio) with inputs. But the head is showing her age so she's getting a new one, compliments of my Daughter. The speakers were puzzling: this was a 1500.00 system, yet the 'Infinity' speakers (HUGE weights) were paper so they held-up predictably. Replaced the 6"s, but kept the poly-coned tweets. In spite of the close quarters, a small Subwoofer (and believe me, I'm NOT a Bass-hog) would really help. Can't believe that was overlooked.
About what you'd expect for a 'cushy' special edition. Previous owner added a 1" lift kit (I'm neither here-nor-there on that). She gets driven daily to-from work by my Son & she's my wife's 'Go-to' when it snows because of her unparalleled traction in weather. She's also the ride of choice when we go to the Beach (she's great in sand/ gets us and all our gear to the fish).
Wheel and Tire
Michelins all around on stock Aluminum mags. When we got her, the previous owner had 'Mudders' on her and she sounded awful (those knobbies pounded pavement so hard, the steel belts rang while you drove). I went the little extra for the X-Radials and instantly she became a soft-spoken Lady on the highways. But we take her off-road at the Hunt Club and she goes through just about everything, wet/dry/frozen.


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