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XJ Cherokee
1995 XJ Cherokee Cherokee


Saturday my kid tried to drive his Cherokee from about 185 miles back to Austin.

He stopped in Lampasas to get gas. After he filled up he got in and it started right up, and started to pull out, but remembered that he needed to check the oil - there's a small leak on the rear main seal.

He pulled back in and checked the oil, a little below safe level.

So, being in a hurry he put the rest of the oil in the bottle in - this was way too much about 2 quarts too much.
When he got back in the jeep would not start. It would not even crank over.

I had a buddy come pick him up and secure the jeep. He said he thought it was the starter because it wasn't cranking. At this point I had no idea there was that much oil in the engine.

They parked it and the next day, Sunday, I came in and bought a new starter and installed it. Still would not crank. The sound it was making was more of a buzzing at the ignition than the typical clicking you get with a dead battery.

So, we towed it home. At this point I had no idea that there was too much oil. When you would try to start it the ignition would just kind of buzz but the starter was not even being engaged - no crank at all.

Then we checked the oil and the story came out that he was in a hurry and just put the rest of the bottle in.

So, we drained it out till it was at the safe level. After we did that you could tell there was a different sound, like the starter was actually trying to turn over the engine, but couldn't.

So, now I'm like dang, it's locked up. Did the breaker bar clockwise turn on the pulley and I was able to turn the engine manually, so I don't think it's locked up.

I can't figure out why the thing won't even crank. Driving me nuts. I checked the voltage on the battery and it's 12.55.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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