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ZJ Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee Laredo
1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee Laredo


4.0 L 6-cylinder
4-speed automatic
This is my first Jeep, and I have no idea where to start. Everything needs work, at this point, the engine seems to be the only part working. I'm here for help, cause I need a lot and I promised myself I wouldn't go to a mechanic with it.


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This jeep had a new radio put in, with extra wires made that you could connect to a subwoofer (that radio didn't work). I didn't want that, so I bought a new radio and tried connecting it, but it is not working. I check the fuses and they are fine. That was few days ago, a weird thing happened yesterday, the radio turned on so we thought it was all fixed, so we disconnected the power wires because they were connected temporary and it didn't work the second time. It was like not enough power was going to the radio. I got the car few weeks ago, and I keep finding out that the whole electrical has been tampered with, there are cables that shouldn't be there running everywhere, mostly because of the subwoofer and some other stuff I don't even began to understand. I just want to connect my new radio and not spend a lot of money into fixing it. Please help me out!

96 ZJ 4.0 / 42RE / NP242 / 4.56 Gears / HPD30 Truetrac / F8.8 Trac-Lok / 2x6 Sliders / Fully Skidded
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Congrats on the ZJ and welcome to the forum!

First thing - you posted in the registry section which doesn’t get much traffic and is typically not for questions.

Join us over in the ZJ section and I’m sure you will get a lot of answers. Most of us do all our own work and most issues with ZJs have known documented repairs. You will fit right in and have your ZJ in tip top shape in no time!