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General Information

4.6L Stroker Engine
We offer these engines in black, red, blue and ora
Your stock engine just to weak to make it up the trail? Did your larger tires suck the life out of you Jeep on the street? We have the solution, our 4.6L Jeep Stroker engine makes a whopping 300+ ft lbs of torque and 270hp and best of all it is a smooth daily driver that will pass emissions.

We offer pacakges both EFI and Carb that will fit any year Jeep that came with a 4.0L or 4.2L engine.

For the 1991-2006 year model Jeeps we offer a simple direct fit long block that will allow you to make the engine swap over the weekend with a basic set of tools. We also offer options such as new oil pan, timing cover, balancer and valve covers installed as well as our dyno break in service all at extra cost. So weather you are looking to keep the cost to a minimal by using our long block or would like to go with all the options to make the swap as easy as possible we have you covered.

For the CJ Jeeps that have a 4.2L with a carb we offer our 4.6L Turn Key engine pacakges in both carb and EFI versions that will be an easy direct fit. These versions make over 300 ft lbs of torque and 270hp and come with either a Holley carb, Holley throttle body EFI or a Holley Multi Port EFI and best of all they are dyno tested and tuned before they leave Golen Engine.

There is no core charge on these engines and they come with full tech support and a three year warranty.

Give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions you might have.

Chad Golen
800-591-9171 ext 1
0 Jeep 4.6L Stroker Engine (We offer these engines in black, red, blue and ora)



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