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KL Cherokee
2014 KL Cherokee Trailhawk


4 cylinder
8 speed auto
Looking for some help / advice -

The quick story is:

In 2014, we purchased a new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with all the bells and whistles. In 2017, as we approached the end of the manufacturer's warranty, we purchased the lifetime warranty from MOPAR for approximately $3,900. In February, 2021, the dealer found 12" of standing water in the trunk space (leak they think is coming from a gap between the sunroof and frame) and estimated $21,150 in damages. MOPAR won't cover it; Stellantis/Chrysler customer service says it's not their issue either.

A little more detail:
On February 1st, 2021, warning lights came on indicating there was an issue with the emergency break system. All wheels locked up, and the Jeep could not be moved. The Jeep was towed to the Russell Westbrook Chrysler Dealership in Van Nuys, CA.

The dealer opened the trunk space where the spare tire is kept and found 12 inches of standing water. The water was covering up one of the brake modules, causing the failure which locked all the wheels. The spare wheel and the metal jack were covered in rust. It was clear water had been leaking into the trunk space for a long time. We were forced to authorize approximately $1500 in charges for them to take apart the vehicle and diagnose the problem to determine if this issue would be covered by the warranty.

Two weeks later, the dealer assessed that the water was coming from a sizeable gap between the sunroof and frame. They forwarded their findings to MOPAR. MOPAR sent an inspector out to review the damages. About a week later, we received a call from the dealer who explained MOPAR was not going to cover the damages. They explained we needed to contact MOPAR directly for any details.

MOPAR explained there was an excessive gap between the sunroof and the body, citing "Metal Fatigue". They do not cover leaks, frame, or the sunroof. They refused to send us anything in writing, told us there was no appeals process, and they considered the matter closed.

On Tuesday, 2/23/2021 we went by the dealership to review the damages ourselves and speak with the mechanics who had attempted to diagnose the problem. They explained they had been unable to completely diagnose the issue. They demonstrated how the gap between the sunroof frame and the sunroof (front to back) was too large, but could not explain why that would be. They had compared measurements to similar vehicles and could not find any specific issue. The dealership encouraged us to reach out to Chrysler customer service and provided us with the phone number.

Stellantis/Chrysler customer service explained the vehicle is no longer under warranty and refused to help resolve our issue. They would not provide any contact information for a manager or customer care representative. They would not send us anything in writing and considered the matter closed.

Our Jeep Cherokee (we thought) was in impeccable shape. Low mileage, no accidents, all the factory recommended servicing, and were happy with the KBB value we've seen maintained. Now, we've been without a vehicle for a month. We both work full-time and are finding it extremely difficult / stressful to dedicate time to resolve this matter. We have a two-year old little girl and TWINS on the way... WE NEED HELP!


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