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ZJ Grand Cherokee
1993 (February)
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
1993 (February) ZJ Grand Cherokee Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo


Wheel and Tire
Stock Stock
4.0 I6
Transfer Case
NP-242 Ratio: 272
My Introduction:

Hey Guys or Gals,

I'm new to this forum and wanting to learn more about my Jeep & how to ask questions and where to ask them on here.

First time Jeep owner with a MFG Date of :FEB 1993) Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo I6 4.0 with 218,784 miles on it.

It's been sitting for quite awhile now, with now, bad gas in the tank/lines. Looking to somehow flush the lines all the way up to the fuel rail. I don't plan on dropping the tank as it's practically full but to purge it somehow! Also plan on cleaning the TBI and any sensors I can from it. So many things to do to it and very little time, ha-ha.

So, I'm starting off with a couple of questions: (1) How/where can I tell what "exact" trans I have in this? 42RE/AW4 or what? Went to and watched videos and couldn't find much on it. It also had to do with the date of mfg though! I'm puzzled.

Now with the Transfer Case, I had seen the plate stating: NP-242 but when I watched a video (You-Tube) they showed a 242 with a stubby like nose cone and mine has a longer style with it! Puzzled again?

So it I could get an expertise opinion on these issues it would be greatly appreciated from you's. Thanks so much. Todd.


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regarding the fuel system. Recently recovered a JZ that was sitting for nine years due to fuel problems. If you pick up a marine electric fuel pump ($40) that outputs minimum 40 psi you can interrupt the lines at the rear filter and pump/purge the line going forward to the fuel rail. I also picked up a coast guard 1.5gal approved fuel tank ($30) to feed the pump. Take the fuel line off at the regulator and pump fuel through until you are sure it is clean. Re-install fitting at regulator and you can actually run the motor off the external pump - the regulator will release excess pressure and vent back to the tank. I cut/opened a hole in the rear floorboard directly above fuel pump to gain access (Have skid plate, tow attachments and etc.... which makes dropping tank a real big job). Pulled the tank fuel pump and used my external pump to purge the contents of the tank. Cleaned a very little bit of contamination out of the tank (bladder equipped) with clean shop rags. Installed a new rear filter and tank pump and put a couple gallons of gas in. Tested the system for leaks ----- found original cause of vehicle being parked ------ the fuel regulator on the fuel rail was leaking (o-ring seal) replaced regulator with new o-ring and system was tight and running well. For the faint at heart - WARNING - gasoline under 40 psi will spray like crazy. Vaporized fuel is very explosive. Extreme caution is advised when messing with a pressurized fuel system.

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Come join us over in the ZJ forum -

This is the “jeep registry” it’s more a place to just list details of your zj than ask questions.

The zj forum is much more active and you will get a lot more answers.

The best way to find out details of you jeep is to uses one of the VIN decoders. You enter your vin and it will give you a build sheet with exactly what options your jeep left the factory with. Google jeep VIN decoder.