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      For just $39.99 you can make the other side trail rated as well. Plus, if you look under the Product Details, you'll note that it will also give you a 12 Month/12,000 Mile Limited Warranty!

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      2002 WJ Grand Cherokee Hood Emblem Replacement

      The Jeep emblem on my hood was looking old and ratty. I knew these can be replaced, and it might be a little embarrassing to admit but I did not know how to do it and I have never seen any posts that show the details. So I decided to replace mine and post it for other people that might be in the same situation.

      Bonus: Trail Rated badges because I wanted them!

      Mopar 55157088AC Jeep Nameplate (from Quadratec) $70
      (2) Mopar 55157317AB "Trail Rated 4x4" Badge (from Quadratec) $45​

      Scraper & Fingernails
      Paint Surface Cleaner
      Soft Cloths​

      My hood emblem after 19 years:

      1) Remove old letters
      I used a rigid metal scraper. Obviously be careful of the paint, try not to gouge or scratch. Work it under the letters and slowly pry them up.

      The letters are pliable and have a foam adhesive backing. Some of it may get left behind.

      Remove the rest of the letters the same way.

      2) Clean off old adhesive
      I found my fingernails worked fairly well for removing bits of foam adhesive without marring the paint. Then used some Meguiar's Quik Detailer to clean the surface. Followed up with a layer of Meguiar's cleaner wax, and then a layer of Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Plus. Good enough:

      3) Apply new emblem

      Peel off the back film

      Carefully position and then firmly press each letter into place. They bend a little to conform to the surface. Get it all stuck down firmly.

      Remove top film and you are done. Easy!

      4) Trail rated badges
      Bella qualifies as trail rated! Lol I wanted them.

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