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      That helps a lot, so you do already have a relay harness. Those two wires labeled "back to stock horn harness" in the amazon ad, splice those onto one of the factory horn pigtails.

      That splice to the factory harness will only be used to tell the relay when to close and draw power through the new harness and send it to the horns. The new battery cable will handle all the draw of the horns, and the old harness will draw <1 amp to activate the relay.

      No need to go anywhere near your wheel or run anything up into the cabin.
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      I'm on the same boat. I just need to get a working horn somehow to be legal. I can continue messing with the original set up later.
      If possible, can you please provide more details how you did it? part number, how to, etc.
      Thank you
      Jazz, don't take this the wrong way, but this is basic wiring with generic parts found at any auto store. If you need to ask how to wire it up, I would suggest buying an install kit, like this... also found at many auto stores.

      But if you piece it yourself and want to take the entire OEM horn loop out of the equation.. then wire in a 12V relay fused from the the battery to horn (disconnect) the OEM wire to horn itself, Then run a 12 fused lead from fuse box (numerous 12V areas to pull power from CLK, Generic fuse block diagram, not wrangler) to horn button (see picture of my button) then to the relay trigger, In relay diagram it would feed the 85 (acces term on bike) .

      Good luck


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