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      Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else had a mojave heater and what they did to route the defroster up to the windshield?

      This is the unit that I have, (complete with that outside casing).

      That 2 1/2" hole is meant to route the air up to the defroster, the problem I'm having is that I have a 2 1/2" dryer hose running from that hole up to the bottom of my vents, and the air just won't travel that far.

      The heater is mounted right above the passenger's feet under the glove box. (I ripped out the stock heating box because it was just taking up too much room for the little amount of work it was providing.)

      I thought about mounting something like an auxiliary fan inside the hose to help push the air up?

      Just looking for suggestions or ways that others have this worked out.

      Thanks again folks!
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      No pictures, sorry. I forget the name of the heater but it's like this ( but way bigger and more powerful. It blows the factory heater away. I had to come up with an emergency fix 5 years ago cuz my heater was making us sick when we used it so I picked up this heater from 4wd hardware and installed it in a hurry as a temp fix but since it worked so well (think: sauna) we ended up leaving it in there. It requires to be routed to the pump so I bypassed the heater core and routed the hoses straight to the heater which is on the floor in front of the passenger rear seat. We got two hoses, one running to a splitter on the dash that defrosts the window and the other shooting straight up to the ceiling warming the cab. Works like a charm. I'm gonna install one in the wrangler too.
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