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      Nice Jordan, now take that damn bug deflector off. Update your sig! And have fun with it.
      thanks man! yeah that is gonna be the first things off it tomorrow haha thing is FUGLY!! but the pain under it is nice haha

      will update sig... and here is what im thinkin for it...

      i have enought for the lift and SYE/DS, but than no $ for tires or gears haha :rolleyes: always something!
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      thanks man! yeah that is gonna be the first things off it tomorrow haha thing is FUGLY!! but the pain under it is nice haha

      will update sig... and here is what im thinkin for it...

      i have enought for the lift and SYE/DS, but than no $ for tires or gears haha :rolleyes: always something!
      Nice choice for the lift.

      Now let me help you out...
      First contact the RC vendor here on JF,he works amazing prices!!

      Second. Skip the RC sye and DS.
      Go here!
      Then pull a frotn ds for like 20 bucks and run that with it..

      Bam saved 350 on the sye and ds. And it wouldnt surprise me if the vendor here saves you 100 on the lift.

      With those savings theres your tires!!
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      Looking at lifts SERIOUSLY now. Death wobble is to the point where its pretty sketchy to drive. Unacceptable for hauling kid around or winter driving.

      If anyone has a line on something with adjustable arms for a 4" lift, I'd appreciate the info. Right now Rough Country's kit is looking most complete for the money.
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      XJkid01 said:
      I have that kit first and I'm going to say you get what you pay for it's not the best but it will do the job I'm going to tell you that the trac bar and sway links that come with it is trash so don't be surprised when they give out on you. Oh and like the name says rough country the ride is not the best.
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      XJkid01 said:
      My Jeep had that kit on it when I bought it and I've swapped out everything except the coils and shocks because they're pretty decent. I beat mine off road a lot, like every weekend but if it were a daily driver I would be perfectly happy with that kit with just a new track bar since the RCX is beyond trash.
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      Thanks to 2 of my ex-witches my criminal record makes me looks like a dangerous madman. Pshh, I'm not...dangerous
      I'm not sure I believe that :)

      So I'll be getting my rental deposit back for my apt in a month ish. So I've started planning a lift.

      As far as I can tell there are two options, buy a kit or build my own. The attractiveness of the kit is for having everything in one package, I like what comes with the RC 4.5in X series kit ( but have read all the reviews of RC and it makes me think mixing and matching would be a better idea.

      Goals: Replace the completely worn out suspension components and lift to fit, at minimum, 31in tires. However, I am not thinking of 33s, lockers, 8.25 rear, regear, and lockers with my tax returns (woooo being single)

      Terrain: Lots of back country camping with chunky jeep roads, some rock gardens, and the occasional trip to moab. Street/Highway driving mostly with probably 20% offroad use.

      Budget: about 800$

      Here's the RC Kit I was looking at

      Zone Kit i was looking at too:

      RE Kit:

      I'd also be willing to do no shocks on all the kits and do JK Rubi takeoffs either way

      If I were to piece it together:
      OME 3in rear leafs with a 1in shackle lift (would this cause premature wear on the leafs? if so what are my other 4.5in leaf options) Need to be HD or a heavier duty setup than stock. Usually carrying a couple hundred pounds of gear when I'm heading out to the mountains (Camping, Mountain biking, Skiing, dogs)
      Zone 3in springs with a 1 inch spacer in the front (ACOS adjustable spacers?)
      Adjustable lower (possibly upper) control arms
      Adjustable track bar
      ZJ Tie rod setup
      YJ Front/Rear brake lines
      Quick discos or home brew TJ quick disc sway bar ends
      New hardware (U-bolts, Bolts, etc)
      Hardware store t-case drop until I can do an SYE
      JK Rubi Takeoff shocks

      What am I missing? What manufacturers should I be looking at? I really think just going 4.5in now would be a good idea.
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      Day 15

      Day 15

      RC 4.5" Lift install

      Jeep XJ Suspension Lift

      I initially wanted to go 6.5" long arm, but then reality hit. 4.5" with 33's would be best for this summers 40day expedition. It also keep the rig usable for daily driving. My old suspension was so shot I decided to get on this and leave the interior project till later.

      The front was extremely easy. This could be because I have had so much practice on TJ's. The only problem is the drivers side brake line is to short. It will not even reach the extension bracket.
      This is the passenger side

      The rear was a pain. Problems included:
      Breaking one rear shock bolt
      a stubborn shackle
      and messing with add a leafs

      The fixes:
      Shock bolt. After I broke the first one I heated up the others extra good and they came out fine. I never used PB blaster or other products. To fix the broken one I simple used a punch and poped the old welded nut out. I ducktaped a new nut to a wrench and tightened the new shock down.

      The shackle. I ended up cutting the rear upper bolt and prying it out. It was dumb lol.

      AAL. I dont think I want to mess with these ever again. It was just a pain... and the rear sits 1-2" to low imo. I will probably replace it with 5.5" leaf packs.



      The numbers:
      Measured from the ground to the bottom of the Front Fender just behind the bumper.
      26.2 -->31.75 =5.55"

      Rear Bumper
      19.5 --> 26 = 6.5"

      Big thanks to Phil, Nate and my Bro for help installing the lift.
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