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      Or build your own (that's what this thread is all about!). There's a table of contents in the first post of this thread.

      Mine is built on a 4' HF type little trailer frame $240 (but they're always on sale):

      Or you could get a HD 4x8' HF trailer $380 (and cut it down to 40" x 60"; mine is 50" long): HF sells more then one 4x8' trailer frame; you want the HD one (with the higher weight rating). This HD HF trailer essentially comes with a 2000lb axle; narrow the frame and you're essentially widening the axle - you may not need to get another axle to fit your larger rims and tires. However if you wanted to upgrade the axle and/or get electric brakes....

      3500lb axle $250: (this has electric brakes; is cheaper without brakes).

      Spring mounts, springs, shocks, etc (about $100 - 125; written up elsewhere in this thread) factory slipper springs are too stiff and basically suck - your trailer and its contents will take a beating as the slipper springs flex very little (if at all). Longer leaf springs with shackles are fine for these little trailers - you don't need Timbren axle-less suspensions or trailing arms with coil springs or air bags. You'd be spending a whole lot of money for very little gain.

      Wheels and tires of your choice (New - used - price range can vary greatly) my trailer as shown has 235/75/15" tires on 15x7" rims. And with these tires and axle, I've still got 3-4" MORE clearance under the trailer's axle compared to under the pumpkin of my Jeep's rear Dana 44 with 33" tires.

      Add a couple hundred dollars for misc. stuff (cooler tray, frame tongue extension, tub reinforcements, leg stands, etc.)

      Diamond plate aluminum tub from Diamond Deluxe (they built mine for about $900 with a locking lid):

      "RTT" on the trailer is a Cabella's double tent-cot bolted to the lid with a custom cover made. Long story - but it was a project to see if it would work, but in the long run if I were paying for everything it would have come out even just to buy an entry-level (but nice) "real" RTT - but I'm happy with it as is.

      Rack on the trailer is a Surco 40x50" aluminum rack that I later moved to the roof of the TJ after I put the tent cot on the trailer's lid. The rack was nice on the trailer - gave it more utility/options. If I were to take the RTT off the trailer, I'd put the rack back on the trailer.

      Of course, you don't need to put a rack or a RTT on your trailer to go on adventures with a little trailer. However I really do appreciate having a hinged, locking lid on my trailer! I've priced trailers that want way more for a lid (it is an add-on option) than I paid for my whole aluminum tub with a lid.

      And more importantly, you don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for an overbuilt expensive trailer for your adventures (I've been posting up links to quite a few lately - not implying they aren't quality built and wouldn't serve you well if you've got the bucks). But with a stay-at-home wife, and putting kids through college I know I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on adventure trailers and such. And you don't need to spend a ton of money to get a nice little Jeep adventure trailer.

      Mine is just a metal diamond plate box (with a bunch of stuff bolted to it) attached to a modified HF-type trailer frame with upgraded suspension and axle (they're not expensive folks). No fancy tailgates or slide-outs. And we have drug it across hundreds (I'd say thousands of miles) of non-paved roads up in Alaska and Canada (not to mention crisscrossing the USA a couple of times) with no issues. It is rock solid. If you can do even simple Jeep modifications, you can build one of these little trailers.

      If you're reading this thread, I know you're interested in building a little trailer for your Jeep. What are you waiting for? Adventures are out there - load up your adventure gear and go! Let us know how we can help you - send me a PM if you want - I'm a (now retired) Army Nurse (but still working full-time in the civilian sector - still got a kid in college) - I'm not in the trailer biz - I/we do this for fun and to be helpful to Jeepers who want to take their Jeeps on adventures.


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      Someone asked me if the folding HF trailers would work since they don't sell the non-folding 8' trailers anymore. Yes; they will work just fine for making a little adventure trailer. We're assuming you're going to narrow the trailer to around 40" wide (same as the WWII military Jeep trailers), and are going to shorten it to somewhere between 5' and 6' long. Narrowing the frame essentially give you a wider factory axle. Get the 1720lb trailer.

      Something you'll want to do though (after you've shortened and narrowed the frame), is to run and bolt a piece of 3/16" to 1/4" angle iron along the bottom and sides of the trailer frame (left and right sides only) basically from where the red arrows are in the picture. If you shorten the frame by 2' from the rear, move the axle forward 1'. This would be a good time to upgrade from the slipper springs to better and longer springs with a shackle at the back (written up previously) and attach them through the angle iron and frame.


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      Good Morning,

      I recently bought and assembled my first trailer (harbor freight 1720 4x8 folding trailer). I intend to use as a utility and boat trailer. The boat is a 12 ft 83' alumacraft V bottom. So far I have finished:

      -Trailer (w/ wiring, stand)
      -Clear coated trailer
      -Buddy Bearings and Marine Grease

      I do not plan on backing the entire trailer in the water. I'm hoping to build an extension to the tongue and adding a hand crank boat winch. Does anyone know how i could go about rebuilding this piece (the triangle with square tube) to Accommodate the length and addition of a boat winch?

      No prior experience with building trailers, however, i'm familiar with most tools/mechanics.

      Thank you,

      Ypsilanti, MI


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