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      One step at a time.

      I took the day to head out to Harbor Freight for some tools that I've researched and decided were worth getting, then came home to do half of a dry-run on taking the current rusted windshield frame off. The main goal was to see which bolts were going to stick, break, be stripped, and/or need replaced. But an aside that hit me was to refinish the rusted flange and flange bolts.

      Next day off I'll look into what all it takes to take the dashboard off.

      Don't get me wrong - I've been wrenching for 30 years to varying degrees, so this isn't a 'starter' set, but instead tools I've looked up vs. their more expensive competition and decided to give a try (and are cheap enough to keep with the Jeep if I decide to). A few of them just happened to be on sale.

      impact sockets 3/8" size (mainly because they are stronger and 6-point instead of 12-point)

      flex ratcheting wrenches

      Suction Gun

      Tap & Die

      Torx socket set
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      I would recommend you buy these:

      And drive them with an impact screwdriver. I got all my Torx out that way. 1 did require the air impact wrench but it did come out and those bits handled it well.

      I would guess your dealing with a T25 with paint in it and you will have to pound it in.
      I have the impact torx and agree that is the only way to get any of them out. As long as there is not crazy chinese special torx size I will go back to the 25 and try to work it in. Must be the paint caked in there.
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