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      Originally Posted by FairlanePhil
      You basically just described my 99 except without lockers. Why did you opt not to do the lockers? No real need yet. I bought it to DD and snow drive. Not rock climb. Now that I have offroaded it and found it to be capable without it is far down my list

      I did Herculine the interior-no carpet or anything after.
      This is my thinking as opposed to the vinyl liner, then cover with heavy duty rubber mats. Are you happy with Herculine? I am, it does not come off at all, I will say that I had a rubber mat in back and it abraided off some of the texture and moisture was trapped under it. (I have some leaks)

      I am running ATX tires that do everything OK instead of Mud tires that only work in mud. The only noise that is irritating is the rattles and squeaks that are a bit louder inside.
      Are you satisfied with the ATX, would you choose something different if you did it over again? I am fine with the ATX. I'd consider a better tire than the Wild Countries for a better sidewall but they do DD duty just fine and they survived what I did at the ORV park I went to a few months ago. The Jeep came with Mud Terrains but they clogged with snow and were slick and offered 0 traction in rain. They looked great but they were loud as ****

      I just did the exhaust and to me it's dead silent now.
      What did you do? I am NOT a fan of loud exhaust and am not in California! Cheap Chinese header (BUY A BETTER HEADER, FIT IS TERRIBLE) to fix a leak and a crappy muffler shop muffler. It's quiet as stock. I think all 6cyls sound like crap. No need to try to put a performance muffler on an XJ

      My other car is a crown vic and t's like a sensory deprivation tank inside. It's not that much louder.

      Mine has longarms at 6.5: on 33s. The steering is greatly improved as is the ride. My advice is to upgrade the steering. I bent the **** out of mine just rolling over a rock
      Can you expound more on 'Upgrade the Steering' ? Probably this I bent the stock tierod wheeling for the 1st time. It's super flimsy. For now I have a V8 ZJ tierod ready to go on it

      As a DD driving 60miles a day will be bad on gas. The best I have ever heard of is 20mpg but my 3 XJs never got better than 16-17 highway. The last two got 12 or less and one of those was maintained really well.
      We're buying house that will reduce my drive mileage by 20 miles total per day, so hopefully this will help! I'm ok around the 16 mark, lower than that and I might have to reconsider the setup and change it a bit....

      I took my Jeep offroad for the 1st time last year and I was stunned by what it would climb or traverse with stock axles and gearing. I'll upgrade eventually but I don't see the need really because I bought it for driving in winter more than anything else.

      The stuff to really concern yourself with is the history of maintenance. Even low mile XJs are old now and probably need shocks, U Joints and cooling system updates (which ARE critical)
      I imagine I'd replace all of the suspension upon purchase, and have budgeted accordingly. But yes, I assume there will be a lot of work at first until it's all been replaced. It's not just suspension. U Joints, cooling system components, steering rack, trackbar, swaybar ends and bushings plus any tuneup stuff that needs to be done. All this should be addressed before you start on upgrades. The lift will fix the suspension stuff and expose the issues everywhere else. At 4.5" (3" on my last Jeep) you will want to do a slip yoke eliminator (SYE). It's not a bad job and it gets rid of all the driveline vibes.
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      The last ZJ I revived, I put stock steering in and she steered great. I figured I’d try IRO’s steering kit on this one, but it definitely wanders on the road.
      I’m assuming everyone knows what kit I’m talking about, but just in case here it is:

      The wandering with the road describes it very well though it seems to like to go left more than it goes right. If it’s tie rod roll, is there a fix for that? Do I need the toe to be closer to 0?

      i really appreciate the replies.. thanks guys
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