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2007 Commander Charging System

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My daughter just bought her first vehicle which is a 2007 Jeep Commander 3.7L V6. Apparently the alternator went out previously and took the computer with it. Both of those were replaced and they said they did a “hot shot” alternator. Looks like they bypassed the internal stuff and now there’s just a single red power wire straight from the alternator to the battery. When I tested the alternator I was getting right at 14v and the battery read high 12’s when vehicle was off and low to mid 13’s when running. The battery light on the dash comes on and I have had a dead battery a few times after it sits. I’m going to get the battery tested due to age but basically I’m wondering if this “bypassed” setup is okay or if it will cause problems and if that’s why her battery light is on? I’ve got other questions too but we’ll start with this one!


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